Darwinia Highlight 2020

Opening Notes made by Darwinia Co-founders


Darwinia and Polkadot

Polkadot Founder Gavin highlighted Darwinia in Polkadot 2020 Roundup.

Development in review

We are very excited to see that in 2020, we have launched a lot of new features. These features revolve around cross-chain interoperability and gradually opened the door of Darwinia’s cross-chain ecosystem.

Mainnet launch and the bridges deployment

Darwinia Crab Network

  • number of nodes:36
  • On-chain accounts:20517
  • Signed extrinsics: 63047
  • Height:3427672
  • Number of nodes:89
  • On-chain accounts:775
  • Signed extrinsics: 23140
  • Height:1470250
  • Cross-chain transactions:
Counts: 1191
RING cross-chain flow: 64578578
KTON: 4157
RING: 48835601

Rococo Parachain Testing

The earliest 4 four teams connected to the Rococo V0 Testnet,ready to get connected to Rocco V1.

Darwinia Virtual Machine and Smart contracts

Darwinia Virtual Machine

  • Use Solidity to develop applications or games with DVM
  • Use the Ethereum contract development tool, Remix
  • Migrate existing dapp applications or games with DVM
  • Transfer balance between EVM account and substrate account without loss of accuracy

Darwinia Builder Program

In 2020, For the healthier and more prosperous growth of Darwinia’s ecology, Darwinia launched the Darwinia Builder Program.

Use Darwinia Bridge to cross-chain resources on one chain to another chain
Build bridges using Darwinia Bridge protocol
Use solidity to develop applications or games with DVM
Migrate existing dapp applications or games with DVM
Mapping different standards of NFT to Darwinia
Build more adapters

W3F Grants and Treasury Support

Community and Events

Events and Conferences

The Darwinia community’s bonds and strength kept growing through 100+ virtual events and offline meet-ups and conferences(cover 15+ countries and regions), together with our global community enthusiasts, partners, and friends.

Ambassador Program

We have received about 236 ambassador applications from the global community since launched the Darwinia Ambassador Program in September 2020. Up to now, 30 ambassadors are from 11 counties have joined the Darwinia team after applying for application, email interview, and completion of the specific task.

Darwinia Ecosystem

Subscan Explorer

  • In 2020, 8,420 independent users from 116 countries and regions viewed data on Darwinia and Crab networks through Subscan, with a total of 123,983 visits.
  • Subscan supported Darwinia’s early testnet Icefrog (offline) and long-term support for Darwinia’s canary network, Crab, and Darwinia’s mainnet, providing high-quality explorer services.
  • Customize KTON module for Darwinia, support multi-token data display.
  • Provide Darwinia with free APIs, chart tools, multi-signature tools, address conversion tools, and other peripheral services.
  • Darwinia DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine) module is adapted to provide infrastructure support for Darwinia smart contracts.

Cross-chain Game Evolution Land

Partners and Friends

In 2020, Darwinia made significant cooperation and partnership with Ankr, Bondly, Chainlink, Crust, Math Wallet, Reef, and many other great teams and projects.

Looking Forward

Roadmap 2021 and Website Update

All you need to know about Darwinia

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork