Binance Exclusive Benefits for Darwinia Community, 10,000 USDT in prizes to be won!

Darwinia and the Binance team have committed to a total of 10,000 USDT in prizes to be won, as a thank-you to all Darwinia community users worldwide.

2020/08/17 12:00 AM to 2020/08/23 12:00 AM (UTC+8)

Scan the QR code or Click Here(USE Email)to register as a Binance new user, sharing 5,000 USDT of bouns. You can receive a random amount of USDT. The maximum bonus is limited to 2,500, first come first served.

Activity 1: USDT red packet rain airdrop

During the event, click (link) and register to receive a random lucky USDT red packet. Red packets are limited to 2,500, first come first served, while stocks last.

Activity 2: Open Binance Future to enjoy a 10% discount, and also share the 5,000 USDT prize pool.

During the event, all new users who receive the red packets and have at least one single transaction that the amount is more than 500 USDT, can get 10 USDT delivery future experience gold, totaling 5,000 USDT, first come first served, while stock lasts.

  • How to check the red packets you have already received: Log in to Binance App> My> My Red envelopes.
  • At the end of the event, regardless of whether the red packet is received or not, the red packet link will be invalid and cannot be shared.
  • Red packets can only be used in Binance transactions, and withdrawals are not supported by default. If the user needs to withdraw, the transaction volume (buy + sell) is required to be no less than 3 BTC. Red packets must be registered and traded within 15 days once the event ends, otherwise they will be automatically invalidated by the system.
  • The future experience gold will be only issued once, and it is valid within 7 days started at the time you received it. The future experience gold is only available on the Binance platform and cannot be withdrawn; the income you earned using the future experience gold can be used at your own discretion. For more information, please refer to ​Terms and Terms of Use​.
  • Reward distribution: the distribution will be completed within 2 weeks after the event ends, and it can be viewed in Wallet> Spot Account>​ ​Distribution History​; future experience gold is collected in User Center>​ ​Card and Voucher Center​.
  • During the event, if there is any fraudulent behavior such as malicious swiping, batch registration, self-buying, self-selling, or mutual knocking, Binance will strictly review and cancel the corresponding handling fee discount and future experience gold qualification.
  • The final interpretation of this event belongs to Binance.

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