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About Heco

Advantages of Heco

  • An open and decentralized network that maintains the security of the network and assets.
  • Supports EVM programmability and is fully compatible with smart contracts which reduces development and migration costs.
  • Meta-transaction function: effectively reduces gas costs for developers and users on the chain.
  • Support cross-chain asset transfer to optimize user experience.

About Evolution Land

Technical Features

  • On-chain Game and Contract Operation: Ownership of game assets is confirmed by public blockchain technology. Players themselves own the user accounts, and game assets such as tokens and props. Nearly the entire game logic is deployed on the blockchain via smart contract, so there is no need for players to worry about some common drawbacks of traditional games such as pulling strings, unlimited minting of tokens, and use of plug-ins; the development team is held accountable.
  • Cross-Chain Token Economy: The world’s first cross-chain token economy with gaming theme featuring continents deployed on separate public blockchains, and cross-continent token and asset swap facilitated by Darwinia Network which empowers a free-market economy in a purely digital world.
  • Decentralized Autonomy: Evolution Land is designed to be a self-evolving, scalable, and open system. The players holding KTON have the right to vote on the continent’s autonomous parameters and the right to speak about the direction of the game’s evolution. All members of the DAO community will determine the game rules to enable the game itself to evolve on its own, ensuring that each user is both a player and a game designer.
  • Open and Borderless: With open interfaces, SDK, and contracts being on-chain, any developer can easily build their own Evolution Land Dapp and integrate it into the economic system. Dapps made for Evolution Land enjoy built-in referrals, sharing, and many other incentives, while allowing traditional game assets, third-party Dapps, NFTs and other assets to be seamlessly linked in. Evolution Land is designed to evolve and keep pace with the development of new technology.

New Gameplays


Gold Rush


Trading Reward Pool Adjustment

Join the Evolution Land Quiz and earn the rewards!

How to Participate?

  1. the 1st Task:
    Follow @Evolution_Land and @DarwiniaNetwork
    RT & Mention 3 friends;
    Join the TG group: EvolutionLand Official
    Fill out this form: Evolution Land Airdrop
    Rewards: we’ll pick 900 lucky winners to give one Silver treasure box each! (each Silver treasure’s original price is 100 RING and its ceiling price will be 1,000 RING )
  2. the 2nd Task (receive after joining the Evolution Land chat group): Finish the quiz released in the chat group later.
    Rewards: we’ll pick 100 lucky winners from whom get full marks to give one Gold treasure box each! (the original price of each Gold treasure is 1,000 RING and its ceiling price is 10,000 RING)
    Meanwhile, the Top 10 participants will obtain an extra 1,000 RING each!

Walk you through to Evolution Land!

All you need to know about Darwinia



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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: