The Darwinia Node Grand Prix is over, check the list of winners!

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The 15-day Darwinia Crab Node Grand Prix ended at 10:00 AM on June 11.

A total of 310 nodes participated in the Grand Prix, including 80 Validator Nodes, 52 Nominated Nodes, and 178 Full Nodes. 1180 community addresses participated in the nomination.

A total of 1,245 users participated in the Twitter & Weibo forwarding activity, with 342 valid addresses. Since the Crab network was launched, a total of 7,236 addresses have been generated and 11,289 transactions have occurred within one month.

More detailed data can be viewed:

Activity Reward Details

Darwinia Node Grand Prix Winner List

Twitter & Weibo Forwarding activity


Reward 1 (see Annex 1 for the scoring rules):

  • 1–40 winners:

1–5 people, reward 2,000,000 cRING/node
5–10 people, reward 1,500,000 cRING/node
11–40 people, reward 500,000 cRING/node

  • Additional rewards (40 nodes and later):

1.5 point: reward 300,000 cRING/node
1 point: reward 150,000 cRING/node
0.5 point: reward 100,000 cRING/node
0 point: without reward

Reward 2:

1–20, reward 500,000 cRING/node.

Reward 3:

1180 people, reward 8,470 cRING/people.

Reward 4:

Reward 200,000 cRING/number of awards.


1. Reward one was generated according to our scoring standard, and rewards are based on the ranking of scores;

2. The activity data was collected from 6.4 10:00 AM-6.11 10:00 AM (UTC +8), including the number of blocks and the number of offline times.;

3. The number of blocks produced by a node can indirectly reflect the length of time the node is online;

4. The maximum number of validators is 63, and the node can be elected with very little power;

5. Actively participate in the official version update.

6. The reward for this node competition will be distributed before 2020/06/18 10:00 AM (UTC+8), please pay attention to the latest posts of Darwinia Network.

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