The Achilles’heel behind the dark night of Defi

“Hackers are materialistic and pragmatic,when people are not sober,hackers slap people in the face to awake people.”

The Achilles’ heel of cross-chain infrastructure.

01.Basic principles and models of cross-chain

When you move assets from one chain to another, such as Ethereum to Darwinia, your assets are not actually transferred,but by locking them on the source chain, and then issuing mapped assets on the target chain.

02.Why is Achilles’ heel so fragile?

Cross-chain Bridges are a fragile single point of cross-chain infrastructure because of the high complexity of cross-chain security challenges.

03.The custodial problem of cross-chain assets

A key to cross-chain security is the locking method.For example, a cross-chain fund pool custody used by an attacked chain , based on the basic cross-chain model of shadow assets , custody seems unavoidable.

04.Is decentralization always safe?

The degree of decentralization, security and efficiency has always been the impossible triangle that the blockchain industry wants to break through. In this incident,it was the centralized Tether that froze the hacker’s assets with higher centralized authority.The Darwinia team has been exploring a breakthrough in trustless cross-chain solutions and to further improve the security of the bridge and cross-chain efficiency .

05.Can decentralized cross-chain infrastructure support the rapid outbreak of Defi industry?

The complexity and cross-chain composability of Defi products bring high benefits to users , but it also intensifies the security test of cross-chain infrastructure and cross-chain bridges .Driven by the income of cross-chain mining , the funds in the custody of the cross-chain fund pool are constantly increasing, which has become the perfect prey for hackers.

Darwinia cross-chain bridge security model upgrade idea

01.Security model ideas:

1) Safety redundant system, not a single mechanism system ( message delivery system + message guard system)

02.Safety practice




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