Quick-Start Guide To Evolution Land — “Seven” Methods To Earn With Pros and Cons

Thrilled to announce that the Eden Continent, the fifth continent of Evolution Land has officially launched its Genesis Auction!

Not surprisingly, each new Continent offers unseen opportunities for ordinary players.

In particular, the Eden Continent, built on the Polygon network, is second only to Ethereum in terms of the number of users, the amount of funds, and the quality of projects, making it a treasure land. The opportunity on Eden Continent is considerably worthy of our exploration.

From a personal perspective, I have an initiative to participate in the new continent. Recently, along with the launch of Dawning Continent, which was built on the Heco chain, I sorted out a series of advanced strategies for experienced players while introducing the basic settings and gameplay of Evolution Land in detail. Many of the conjectures mentioned have also been confirmed later.

However, with the increasing number of new players from Evolution Land, it is harder for novices to get up to speed. Since the launch of Eden Continent is an excellent chance to miss, I would like to write an introductory guide for novices to start from scratch and cultivate such a fertile land.

Let’s start with the issue that is the most concerning — Earning, and focus on “seven” methods for you to approach with their pros and cons analysis.

Method 1: Buy Land and Sell Resources.

There is no easier way than to be a “Landlord”that can bring you profits. After purchasing and allocating Apostles, you are ready to mine resources on your land and sell them on the open market.

Ways to obtain land parcels are simple:

1. Everyone can obtain creation land through auction; the other is to

2. Buy another players’ land

Both methods are carried out in the land market, and the specific operation are marked in blue box and red box below:

Mining resources on the land is simple as well: players can select their own lands, and configure their own apostles marked in the red box below. The greater the number of apostles is, the stronger the capable is, and greater the sum of resources can be sold. Similarly, players can configure their own drills shown in the blue box below. Evolution Land has lately granted more permissions to landlords who can freely remove the drills of other players on their own land during the non-protection period after the update. It guarantees the interests of the landlord and efficiency of their drills.

Then, what are the pros and cons of this method?


  1. Less Labor Consuming: one configuration, long-lasting income. No need to stay online all the time while profiting decently;
  2. Strong appreciation: Lands are regarded as scarce resources in Evolution Land. Meanwhile, the time has been empowering lands’ value, for instance, guaranteeing the landlord’s interest and establishing tariff systems; moreover, various features are expected to add correspondingly. Hence, the potential appreciation of the land can be promising.


  1. Hard to obtain: Players can either obtain a piece of land through auction or resale. If you miss the former one, you have no choice but to buy them on the free market which are generally in short supply;
  2. Require heavy investment: the strong will of lands has an impact on the price upturn. Indeed, a piece of land presently costs 2000 usdt on average;
  3. Severe Fluctuation of Land Prices: It is mainly reflected in two points. Firstly, lands are auctioned in Dutch system, making the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) begin to trump the fear of loss of capital and boosting up prices. Secondly, the resale. Due to the scarcity of lands, the prices of them can be unreasonably fluctuant on the open market. For those players who are eager to participate, they have to buy these lands that command an extra price.

In summary, the mode of buying land and selling is suitable for players who have possessed a certain amount of funds, expected a limited amount of time consuming, and been optimistic about Evolution Land’ prospect. At present, Evolution Planet offers the ranking of landlords. For those top-ranked landlords, as may easily be imagined, such a method means tidy profits.

Methods 2: Get Drills and Sell Resources

Applying Drills to mine resources is the second method to earn in Evolution Land.

Instead of “buying” drills, why did I mention “getting” drills? In fact, there exists multiple ways to drill in Evolution Land. For instance, each player is given a stone drill after completing the tutorial; participating in the Q&A session in the community will get you a gold treasure box, giving you chance to win nickel steel or even diamond drills;

Thereby, using drills to earn provides a cost-free solution for many new players. Not long ago, lots of new players received such benefits through the events of the GF guild who is expected to organize more rallies later for players to participate.

In addition to getting drill via events, players can directly buy silver and gold Treasure Box in the “Treasure Box” column to have access to all levels of drills. As each continent developed, the price of the treasure box will increase daily until capped, which is shown below:

As simple as Method 1, players can select locations on lands that do not yet have allocated drills to mine resources, as shown in the red box in the following figure. Meanwhile, players are enabled to preempt the position of other players’ drills, as shown in the blue box below, following the rule that “higher tier is over the lower one and higher level is over the lower one”.

What are the pros and cons of this method?


  1. Low Barrier: as stated previously, players are able to earn with almost zero cost by participating into different activities;
  2. The capital investment is relatively smooth: drills are classified into three levels (0,1,2), and the mining efficiency differs as the level varies. Players can upgrade the level of the drill according to their own needs;
  3. High Mining Efficiency: at present, the efficiency of using drills to earn can be impressive. Indeed. Tier 2 drills have been available, with a bonus of 120%, with each piece of land being placed with at most 5 drills. After the land being fully exploited, resources output efficiency can be increased by 120%*5=6 times.


  1. Low Survival Rate: Currently, since there are thousands of players on Dawning Continent, and the principle of “high-tier preempts low-tier, and high-level preempts low-level”, the survival rate of low-level drills is very low, making it time consuming to make a decent profit;
  2. High risk of drill upgrade: the upgrade of a low-level drill requires certain resources to be bound. Therefore, certain quantities of resources may decline after the upgrade. Though the risk can be mitigated when resources are relatively scarce during the early stage, it is still worth attention;
  3. The consumption scenarios of drills are limited: drills are merely produced but not destroyed, referring that the number of drills will continue rising, leading to the dilution of drills’ scarcity, thereby discouraging players to keep purchasing treasure boxes. At the same time, some drills may be left unused, which is not conducive to ecological development.

Accordingly, there are several personal advices on consuming drills for reference:

1. To adjust the upgrade conditions of level 3 drills. For example, like a traditional game, choose to combine 2 or more level 2 drills; moreover, adjust the protection period of the drill to be valid only for a period of time after the upgrade, resulting in resources loss to prevent players from endlessly refreshing the “protection period” reset;

2. Use drills as one of the synthetic resources of certain props, such as equipment for the apostle battle in order to consume them;

3. To increase the decomposition function of drills, allowing players to decompose them into parts which can be used in the synthesis of subsequent props.

Method 3: Manage Apostles to earn: sell, rent, and dating.

Besides two methods described, you can also earn with Apostles.

The breed of Apostles is random and demanding, making it impossible for every user to have apostles with excellent attributes. However, whether to mine resources in the early stage or join battle, high-quality apostles are obviously needed,from which came new markets — selling, renting, and dating to earn.

Similarly, the way to manage apostles can be easily comprehended: players are free to buy apostles in the “Apostle Market”, and then select the apostle to be managed in the “My Apostle” interface where to realize functions of breeding, selling, leasing, and dating, as shown below As shown in the red box


  1. Low Invested Cost: Currently, the price floor of Apostles is around 50 RING, allowing players to ride their lives in apostles’ breed, which generally costs certain resources plus 50 RING. Though the comparatively high price of resources can be prohibitive now, they are expected to slash their prices and stabilize, making the overall costs controllable;
  2. More Features of Apostles in the Future: It is expected that Evolution Land will implement functions of Apostle Career and Apostle Battle, which, by then, may spur the demand for apostles. Get more Apostles to plan ahead and get ready for the future updates.


  1. High Uncertainty: luck may be vital for players to obtain high-quality Apostles. As I am writing, players are still trying and failing to unveil the secret behind. Hence, there exists uncertainty for sure and frequent breeds may cause unnecessary waste;
  2. Too Many Apostles: there are nearly 9000 Apostles on the Downing Continent. At the current stage, the application scenarios of apostles are too limited to match with such a quantity of Apostles.

Method 4: Staking Resources LP and Mining RING in Gringotts

In addition, staking resources LP and mining RING is another decent way to earn. Strictly speaking, it should be regarded as a combination of Evolution Land and DeFi.

Meanwhile, mining in Gringotts is easy to understand: players are merely required to hold a certain amount of resources and RING to complete staking in Gringotts. The specific operations are shown in the blue and red boxes in the figure below.


  1. Easy to operate: Staking LP and mining is similar with traditional Defi projects which makes it easy to get started;
  2. Decent Profit: As shown above, the API of Gringotts can be 300% — 500%, which has been operating stably for more than 40 days. Due to the limited number of fluctuations, the overall profit is expected to be decent;
  3. Regarded as integration within the ecology: Indeed, resources LP staked by players in Gringotts does not required to be purchased. On the contrary, applying approaches same as those introduced previously to obtain resources will be just fine.


Risky Price Fluctuations: Though prices of resources are stable currently and will keep the same in the near future as anticipated, the risk of staking LP in Gringotts still exists relying on the price fluctuations to which requires players to pay enough attention and act correspondingly.

Method 5: Attend auctions, then make a profit margin

Attending auctions on Evolution Land while getting profit margins out of it is also an approach to earn.

To be clear, both the Genesis auction and resales are essentially categorized as auctions. After the previous bids, the following player can only bid higher to obtain the land or the apostle; Meanwhile, half of the price difference between two bidders will be rewarded to the former one, as shown in the figure below:

Therefore, as players, equipped with risk management skills, we can actively participate in the auction and profit from the intermediate price difference. During Genesis auctions, the opening bids are generally low, thereby offering potentially lucrative opportunities!


  1. Numerous chances: the method is applicable for both land and apostle auctions. It is not hard to imagine the multitude of opportunities rendered after the launch of Eden Continent;
  2. Fast and adoptable: each auction will not last for long. Get in focus and stay in season, then you will earn RINGs in minutes;
  3. Decent Profit: since half of the price difference between two bidders will be rewarded to the former player, the more valuable the auction is, the great the opportunity is. While encountering auctions of qualified apostles and mysterious lands, it generally takes several rounds to hit the hammer price, during which, chances await you.


  1. Capital required: if you do not possess certain disposable capitals, you do not even have the ticket;
  2. Visual risks: earning only happens when there exists a higher bid.

If you bid too high, you may actually wind up buying the item. Though you are free to resell it, the cash flow will be impacted inevitably.

Method 6: Lottery with 100,000 RING!

What is a lottery?

The Evolution Land system will put part of its own income into the lottery reward pool. Players will accumulate points for each completed transaction in the same breath. Each 10 points will give the player a chance to draw a lottery. The specific mechanism is as follows:

Funds may be returned after operations like apostle breed and land auctions, etc. Though it is not a case for the lottery, it is still an intriguing way to entertain.

Method 7: Invite to earn

Personally, it is so interesting!

Instead of basing on whose link the player is registered with, the evaluation criteria on Evolution Land is actually established on how much consumption under a player’s link.

Shown in the red box, there is an “invite friends” button. Clicking the bottom to invite friends if you run into a worthy piece of land or apostle one day. If the item is purchased with your link, you will be rewarded.

It is a free ride! No capital required! As long as you are good at finding gold, go share the link and wait for the reward. A total cost-free method to earn on Evolution Land.

The above are the “seven” methods with their pros and cons on Evolution Land. They are more than just a review of Dawning Continent on Heco, but also a foreshadowing of the Eden Continent on Polygon. Hope it is of help.

Lastly, you are more than welcome to join GF Guild (WeChat: TryAgainld), where we can explore more about Evolution Land while discovering new opportunities for GameFi. Tomorrow, I will continue to sort out the economic model behind the Evolution Land. See you around!

Evolution Land: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/
Telegram: https://t.me/evolutionland9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Evolution_Land
Discord: https://discord.gg/JRkvWXvzEe




As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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