Quick Start Guide for Evolution Land (Dawning)

5 min readJul 15, 2021

This guide will walk you through play to earn on Continents Dawning

From your computer or Android/iOS device

Download Metamask for Google Chrome


If you have any issues you can ask the admins on the official Telegram channel and someone will be pleased to help!


Admins will never ask to send you a direct message first or ask you for your private key or to send them any funds. Never share your private key with anyone. Stay safe and avoid scams. Reach out to official admins for assistance. Never send any funds to anyone who purports to any amazing ‘deals’. If it’s too good to be true it normally is!

How to play Evolution Land

Login to your Metamask wallet and ensure you are on the Heco Mainet


  1. Buy a piece of land from Auction
  2. Buy an apostle (you can have up to 5 on one piece of land)
  3. Add your apostles to your land so they can start mining: Gold, Wood, HHO, Fire & SIOO
  4. Watch your resources grow on a daily basis by looking at mined resources on your land
  5. You can claim these resources to appear in your wallet when you are ready

At some point in time, we expect we can use the resources to build things OR exchange for ring tokens like you can on the Atlantis continent.

Play the Activity Lottery!

You can accrue points for buying land from the auction and once you collect 10 points or 100 points you can draw a lottery ticket with the potential of winning a 100k ring in the 10 point lottery draw or 1M ring in the 100 point lottery draw.

How to Log into Evolution Land’s Dawning

  1. Metamask Wallet
  2. Go to Evolution Land on https://www.evolution.land/land/4?lang=en-US
  3. Click on sign-in (Metamask) and accept the signature requests and enter a user name for yourself and select the Heco network.

Once you have logged-in you will be presented with the Central Building for Dawning together menu options in the left by your user name and options on the right.

On the left-hand side If you hover over your user name icon you will have the following options

  • My Assets
  • My Land
  • My Apostle
  • History
  • Channel Records
  • Inventory
  • My Chest
  • Invite
  • Logout

On the right-hand side if you hover over the icons from left to right

  • Apostle
  • Land Market
  • Gringotts
  • Activity
  • Land

Start Playing

  • Look for a piece of land that you might be interested in by clicking on the Land Market option
  • First Sale option are auctions run directly by the Evolution Land team
  • Resale option are pieces of land players are currently auctioning on Evolution Land
  • Click on a piece of land you are interested in and view it on the map, check out the number of resources available and DYOR before deciding which piece of land to buy

* note images are from TestNet and do not reflect market prices for land on Dawning continent

  • Go to the Gringotts option once you have selected a piece of land to covert HT into Ring tokens so you can purchase your first piece of land. You can see the exchange rate offered for HT -> Ring
  • Once you have the number of Ring required to buy a piece of land go back to the Land Market icon, find your piece of land and click on Bid, entering the amount you want to submit towards the auction. If you are lucky you may win the piece of land for the minimum amount the seller has advertised if there are no other players bidding for the piece of land you want.
  • If no one bids against you after 30 minutes you will win the piece of land and you can claim it from the left-hand side menu under the heading My Land.
  • Once you have claimed your piece of land (it will take a few minutes to show) in My Land you can manage the land

Land Management options

  • Sell Land
  • Gift Land
  • Add a Dapp
  • Add an Apostle to Mine
  • Mined Resources


You will have to purchase an apostle before you can add it to your land

Click on the Apostle icon in the righthand menu and scroll through the Apostles on offer looking at their stats.
To buy an apostle bid in the apostle and if you win the apostle you can claim it and it will appear in your apostles list in the left-hand menu.
You can add the apostle to the piece of land you purchased by adding the apostle — once you have added the apostle to your land it will begin mining and you can see the amount mined each day when you look at your land.

Activity — Happy Lottery

Each time you win a piece of land in the auction you will collect points to enter the lottery.

You can activate the lottery if you have 10 points or 100 points and each time you draw yours on your lottery you can win up to 100K ring with the 10 point lottery and up to 1M ring with the 100 point lottery.




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