Polygon Presale Packs Start Selling

The Polygon Presale Pack has been launched on the Opensea Ethereum network on August 24, 2021.

There are 5 King Packs, each King Pack is riced at 13,706 USDC (equivalent to 70% of the average price of the contents) and contains 10 plots (2 of which are mysterious plots), 20 first-generation apostles, and 20 gold chests.

There are 30 landlord packs, each Landlord Pack is priced at 7,343 USDC (equivalent to 75% of the average price of the contents) and contains 5 plots (2 of which are mysterious plots), 10 first-generation apostles, and 10 gold chests.

Prepare enough USDC and a certain amount of Ethereum (about 0.05 ETH as a gas fee) in your Ethereum Network wallet.


Enter the corresponding Pack in Opensea through the link (The sale token is WETH in the picture is for the test, and USDC will be used in formal auction).

The coordinate of the lands will be listed in the Description. You can refer to the lands of the test server to view the abundance of the resources (the mysterious land resources may differ from the testnet, so you don’t need to refer to them.)

Testnet: https://www.evolution.land .l2me.com/land/5

Click Place Bid to participate in the auction and enter the price you are willing to pay.

If there is already a bid, you need to pay 5% higher than the price for another bid.

After the bid is successful, your auction record will be displayed on the page, and you can also choose to continue the auction or cancel the auction.

Reserve Price: Due to Opensea’s mechanism, your bid must be higher than the Reserve Price, otherwise, the bidding will eventually fail.

The auction will last for one week (7 days), and the player with the highest bid before the deadline will win the bid.

The USDC obtained from the auction will be used to buy RING from the market, and will be divided into following the rule: 30% for the developer dividend pool, 30% for the farm/kryptonite dividend pool, 30% for the contributor pool, and 10% into the lottery pool.

After obtaining the Pack NFT, the corresponding NFT will be sent to the holder’s address Polygon Network 10 days after the official launch on the mainland. In order to ensure the process is smooth, please be sure to register the Evolution Land account before going online.

Other Updates

Apostles’ breed MUST use resources after liquidity pool has been created.

The Dawning Continent has been built by explorers for a period of time, and the resources liquidity pool have gradually become abundant. Considering the Evolution Land long-term economic looping, controlling the population, and enhancing the value of the resources, the Plant Governance Committee put forward a proposal ‘MUST Apostles’ breed use resources?’.

Since there is no governance system on the Dawning Continent and the Byzantine Continent for the time being, we have also gathered opinions from players through polling in communities.

Here is the result:

Most players support ‘Apostles breed must use resources token after resources token liquidity pool created’.

The proposal means that the Dawning Continent has entered the Harvest Era. The decision to give birth to apostles will become important, and future apostles will become more powerful.

In order to ensure that it has a positive effect on the development of the planet, another final proposal will be promoted after a trial run on the Dawning Continent for a period of time (about 1 month). The final decision whether to apply it to other continents or change back to the original plan will depend on the result of the final proposal.

Browser Bookmarks Update

The following URLs has been depreacated and redirected to https://www.evolution.land/ for quite a while. We are going to remove the legacy URLs above. Don’t forget to update your browser bookmarks. See you on lands!





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