Polkadot Ecosystem Highlight :Darwinia & Cere AMA recap

Cere AMA in Darwinia Telegram Channel

Cere is part of a consortium of projects such as Polkadot and Cosmos, united by the vision of cross-chain interoperability between blockchain networks, to achieve an inclusive, trustless, and infinitely scalable global decentralized ecosystem for enterprises.

Cere Network is the first Decentralized Data Cloud platform optimized for service data integration and data collaboration. While most blockchains are simply distributed ledgers, the Cere network of blockchains allows for turnkey hyper-customization of enterprise data ecosystems. Cere aims to be more ethical, more efficient and more interoperable than any of its centralized counterparts.

Cere is the missing link that businesses need to adopt blockchain, providing fully integrated solutions,packaged similarly to the SaaS platforms that they are already using, and deployed to bring immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings to core business units.

Traditional CRM’s are outdated, expensive, hard to integrate with today’s intelligent (AI) and data-driven solutions. New data cloud solutions like Snowflake are disrupting these traditional CRM’s by offering much more flexibility and faster integrations, e.g. bringing near real-time computing onto highly dynamic and customizable datasets.

The key to Cere’s approach is that we bring even more data agility and more data interoperability, and we have an open approach compared to the proprietary Snowflake; also we are more focused on consumer enterprises with more highly customizable solutions in special verticals.

Cere is the missing link that enterprises need to adopt blockchain, providing fully integrated solutions, packaged similarly to the SaaS platforms that they are already using, creating immediate efficiency improvements and cost savings to core business units.

With three Cere executives who have built venture-backed businesses in Silicon Valley across the enterprise, media, social media, gaming, and mar-tech sectors, we’ve long embraced this difficult challenge of needing to build both 1) a sustainable SaaS initiative which can drive 2) an open blockchain network optimized for real-world utilities.

Cere currently has multiple integrations going with several (Fortune-1000) companies in the travel, retail, and media verticals. We will be highlighting these as real-world success case studies in the near future, but here’s a quick preview:

Travel sector:

Cere is working with a large scale travel booking company with an urgent need to do much more personalized and smart travel offers and incentivization to drive more booking. Cere provides a complete, drop-in solution that extends the existing app experiences with minimum integrations to provide these new smart rewarding experiences.

Retail sector:

Cere is working with a US-based retail network with over 300 locations to power a new set of user experiences via its drop-in SDK and services to facilitate location-based checkin’s and rewards to drive online to offline conversions., We are also providing the ML & predictive analytics to notify and engage users with personalized offers based on user location and frequency patterns.

Media/TV sector:

Together with a big media network in the US, Cere is supercharging the company’s user engagement. The core OTT is uniquely differentiated to provide the users of the partner’s app a more personalized and rewarding experience.

We look at how we can improve on Snowflake’s proposition to create new opportunities, as well as achieving more efficiency/speed. Also the entire space is expanding very fast, there’s plenty of room to grow for us while we chip away at their lead & margins.

Similar to Snowflake, Cere has tools to extract and virtualize these data with near real-time event-sourcing (transforming and extracting) into customized datasets for ML, or analytics, or partner integrations.

The key differences with Cere are 1) asymmetrical data encryption allows any computing process such an AI agent or partner integration script to be dynamically provided with signatures to access certain customer datasets, this means data can be securely shared into decentralized used cases such as the Cere Open Data Marketplace (similar to Snowflake’s data marketplace, but not locked to just 1 vendor); 2) The entire system is designed from the ground up to focus specifically for individual user data encryption, privacy-compliance, and hyper-personalization, which is what traditional data lakes, data warehouses, and CRM’s are not designed to do.

Cere has built its own Layer-1 blockchain network with customized Substrate components, driving to be one of the foundational level-1 blockchain networks in the Polkadot ecosystem. This effectively allows Cere solutions to extend to all other W3F projects natively, and further to other decentralized networks in the future.

Much like the ethos behind Polkadot , Cere has long held the ideals that the future of blockchain is interconnected and powered by interoperable networks. This opposed to “one chain to rule them all”. Cere works with a number of industry leading Polkadot projects such as Darwinia, Plasm and Chainlink to achieve this goal in consortium.

In 2021 we’ll focus on completing our fundraise and initial listing in Q1 2021 (private/public/LPD), work with other top Polkadot projects and Web3 foundation team to thoroughly test/prep mainnet and prep for Parachain ops, further expand the team with top quality innovators and developers, launch alpha Mainnet by end of Q1 2021 to support upcoming enterprise integrations and launch the Cere Open Data Marketplace with real data and jobs to onboard 1000+ developers.

And, ofcourse, the integration with Darwinia to facilitate cross-chain data and asset transfers from the polkadot to other heterogeneous chains!

To share 200 USDT rewards.

Cere AMA in Darwinia Telegram Channel - Winners

Darwinia AMA in Cere Telegram Channel

Darwinia has been building a permissionless non-custodial bridge protocol, featuring efficiency, low cost, decentralization of cross-chain tokens and NFTs transfer, as well as other cross-chain operations.

Darwinia bridge solution integrates technologies, including super-light client, zero-knowledge, and optimistic verification mechanisms.

Darwinia bridge distinguishes it from other bridges in terms of quality and how decentralized the bridge is, could carry high-value cross-chain asset transmission.

Darwinia was also included in the Cointelegraph research report as critical cross-chain infrastructure.

Darwinia connects Polkadot and other public chains. As the “Golden Gate Bridge’’ for the cross-chain networks, Darwinia provides the safest heterogeneous cross-chain solution without middlemen, making the cross-chain asset transfer safer, cheaper and more frictionless.

Darwinia also bridges other polkadot ecosystem parachains cross-chain interoperability to achieve more broad asset circulation. They are also able focus more on their business applications but not building repeated direct bridges on their own. Darwinia serves as the bridge center in the polkadot ecosystem.

On every blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the trustless feature has been inherent to the transaction.

But when it comes to cross-chain, everything seems to go back to the start point. So many cross-chain pioneers like us, having been researching and creating, with unwavering passion to disintermediate many of the middlemen, many of the institutions and authorities, removing the need for that much of the trust.

But how much trust have we removed?

For example, when you transfer 100 ring from Darwinia to Ethereum

First, you have to lock your RING on Darwinia and mint the same amount of mapped ring on ETH.

When you redeem your tokens from Ethereum to Darwinia, locked RINGs on Darwinia have to be unlocked, mapped rings on Ethereum have to be burnt.

Major challenges:

In general, we are facing 2 major challenges:

How to verify cross-chain transactions in a trustless way;

How to control the lock and unlock operations of assets in a trustless way.

Only make breakthroughs in these 2 challenges, can we possibly turn the current blockchain patchwork into a real Web3 future Internet of tokens.

In general, we are facing 2 major challenges:

Who is verifying your cross-chain transactions in a trustless way;

Who is controlling the lock and unlock operations of assets in a trustless way.

Would you like it to be a bunch of middlemen? or a completely trustless and decentralized way?

Of course the second one.

But for the mainstream cross-chain solutions, still the custodian federation are involved, much trust is needed

Less Trust, More Truth. Our tech innovation upgraded the classic chain relay solution. Classic chain relay requires relaying each and every block, which is not economically feasible.

Darwinia ChainRelay is a super light client, it integrates cryptography technology MMR to make sure each confirmed block header is aware of the history chain state.

It also implements an internal optimistic verification game process to identify the longest chain. It supports relay on demand which is triggered by a cross-chain transfer requester.

It’s economically feasible and completely trustless. With such an efficient chain relay, we are able to build two way decentralized bridges across turing completed blockchains.

Except all these above, another exciting advantage of Darwinia bridge chain is supporting cross-chain transfer of NFTs as well.

Polkadot Founder Gavin highlighted Darwinia in Polkadot 2020 Roundup.

In 2020, Darwinia was written in Polkadot light-paper as one of the friends of Polkadot and Substrate.

Darwinia was also selected to join the Substrate Builder Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp.

Darwinia mainnet also launched in 2020.

The earliest 4 four teams connected to the Rococo V0 Testnet, ready to get connected to Rocco V1.

We also have won 3 W3F Grants and Treasury Support

Darwinia Virtual Machine

To achieve a seamless Ethereum experience on Polkadot and Substrate, Darwinia delivered a smart contract solution based on Frontier, we name it Darwinia Virtual Machine(DVM). DVM is a compatible implementation of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) in Darwinia Network with compatibility on the smart-contract level, and also supports Metamask.

We also launched a testnet Pangolin for dapp developers who want to test and play with DVM

Users and developers are able to:

  • Use Metamask
  • Use Solidity to develop applications or games with DVM
  • Use the Ethereum contract development tool, Remix
  • Migrate existing dapp applications or games with DVM

DVM is also featuring:

  • Recognizable EVM account to substrate account conversion
  • Transfer balance between EVM account and substrate account without loss of accuracy

Darwinia Builder Program

For the healthier and more prosperous growth of Darwinia’s ecology, Darwinia launched the Darwinia Builder Program.

There are several ways to participate in the building of the Darwinia ecosystem:

Darwinia Bridge

  • Use Darwinia Bridge to cross-chain resources on one chain to another chain
  • Build bridges using Darwinia Bridge protocol

Darwinia Virtual Machine

  • Use solidity to develop applications or games with DVM
  • Migrate existing dapp applications or games with DVM

Darwinia NFT

  • Mapping different standards of NFT to Darwinia
  • Build more adapters

Darwinia-Ethereum bidirectional bridge launch!

Projects need to cross-chain transfer and circulate their assets to Ethereum are able to deploy Darwinia bridge.

The Progressive Launch of Darwinia Mainnet has reached the third stage: the bi-directional “Darwinia-Ethereum Bridge.”

As part of this partnership, Darwinia will also join the SaaS-Defi alliance, which is set to establish universal protocol standards for the Enterprise DeFi space and improve communications between the enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem.

Darwinia will provide the bridge service to more defi projects in the alliance, supporting their asset circulation in more blockchain networkings, wire together walled blockchain networks to build the Web3.0 future blockchain networks.

Darwinia will also utilize Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud for its customers, given that Cere’s tooling can be extended to any Polkadot/Substrate based network.

Data Cloud for its customers, given that Cere’s tooling can be extended to any Polkadot/Substrate based network.

With Darwinia technology, Cere is also able to extend its products, data and assets to an expanding number of other blockchains.

The Progressive Launch of Darwinia Mainnet has reached the third stage: the bi-directional “Darwinia-Ethereum Bridge.”

To share 3000 RING.

Darwinia AMA in Cere Telegram Channel — Winners

All you need to know about Darwinia

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork