PolkaBase AMA Review “How to build the Internet of assets?”

01. Briefly introduce the Darwinia Network. What kind of problem does it mainly want to solve, and what is the main application direction?

02. Both of two co-founders of Darwinia are early core members of Bitshares. Can you tell us some of your experiences behind?

03. I read that Darwinia had just received funding from Web3 Foundation a week ago. Why did your team choose to join the Polkadot Ecosystem? Nowadays more and more teams are turning to the Substrate / Polkadot ecosystem. Because of that, What are the attractions of Polkadot? Any obstacles you met on developing based on Polkadot?

04. Thank you, very detailed, I see a full recognition of the Substrate / Polkadot ecosystem. Since DARWINIA is part of the Polkadot ecosystem, what do you think is unique about DARWINIA in this ecosystem?

05. As the first game chain of the Polkadot ecosystem, what cross-chain businesses are available for games and application chains?

06. Great, so the gaming business is a part of the Darwinia applications. Darwinia may be the first Polkadot ecosystem project using Dual Tokens. Why should you use dual tokens? What are the advantages?

07. Great explanations. How do we stake in the dual token system, and what is this kind of staking mechanism?

08. What partners does DARWINIA currently ride with?

09. So, Is there any further cooperation with MakerDAO? What are your thoughts on Defi?

10. Darwinia previously released Darwinia ETH-Relay (cross-chain transfer bridge). What is the difference between this solution and other existing solutions? What are the technological innovation points?

11. Last but not least, What is the current progress of the project, when will it be officially launched, and the development route plan?

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