Most Powerful Mining Tool — Drill launched!!!

The first two rounds of the land auction on the Dawning Continent have been finished!

Don’t be worried if you are “Landless”! With the drill system, you could mine on others’ lands and boost your mining efficiency!

The first Gamefi gameplay is coming on the Dawning Continent now!

How do I use the Mining Drills?

A Drill can be set on the prop slot of a piece of land and used for mining a single resource. Unlike Apostles, Drills cannot obtain resources by themselves; they rely on Apostles who then obtain a bonus income. In addition to allowing placement of Drills on a player’s own land, they can also be placed on others’ land (5% profit will be paid to land’s owner, the percentage could be decided by DAO).

How do I obtain Mining Drills?

Drills are obtained through chests (blind box gameplay), and chests are obtained through airdrops or purchases. Some chests have a higher likelihood than others of containing premium mining drills and other token rewards; including RING.

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chests are separated into Gold and Silver categories, with pricing that reflects higher or lower probabilities of obtaining premium items and rewards.


The furnace system will be open after the liquidity pool is abundant, if you want to learn more, please view ->Furnace — Evolution Land

Video Guide

Walk you through to Evolution Land | Step 4 — Unlock Mining Drill NFT! — YouTube

Gold Rush

If you want to get your own lands on the Dawning Continent and already owned lands on Atlantis or Byzantine, Gold Rush will be a good choice!

Event Page: Evolution Land — Gold Rush

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