Join the Evolution Land Community in choosing the name for our NEW CONTINENT and you can earn rewards!

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The Evolution Land landscape is evolving once again, and as we are preparing to launch our latest Continent. We welcome your coolest and brightest suggestions as we run the naming campaign!

The New Continent of Evolution Land will be deployed on Darwinia Crab, the canary network of Darwinia Mainnet which has a similar relationship to that of Kusama: Polkadot, and will feature a ‘beachy’ theme with ocean, sun, and sand!

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the preview of NEW CONTINENT

Meanwhile, in other news, the in-game governance system has been partially rolled out so players on Atlantis can now stake KTON to earn Power, which is used for democratic functions and also earns a share of the in-game revenue!

In Evolution Land we are not only game players, but also game designers. Hop on board and ride the wave as now is the time to shine by coming up with the coolest beach-themed name for Crab Continent there is! If your suggestion is among the favourites, you could receive some RING token rewards or Chests!


New Continent Name Collection Campaign:

5 February, 2021 – 19 February, 2021

Governance function opening:

End of February 2021

Vote for new continent name:

March, 2021

New continent launch:

March, 2021

How to Participate?

  1. Follow @DarwiniaNetwork on Twitter
  2. Join the Evolution Land and Darwinia Official Telegram channels
  3. Name the new continent and leave it in the Twitter comment thread along with reasons for your choice.
  4. Retweet and Like the name!


  • Preference will be given to those entries that start with the letter “C” for Crab.
  • Immature or unprofessional comments will be disqualified

Rewards Distribution

  • The top five participants with most likes will receive 100 RING and one Silver Chest (worth 1000 RING) as rewards.
  • The final nominator will receive 888 RING and one Golden Chest(worth 10000 RING)

The Fine Print

  1. There will be five names nominated (ten in total) from each of the domestic and foreign communities during the campaign.
  2. Players will vote for their favourite names using the Evolution Land in-game governance system.

Would you like to leave your own personal touch on Evolution Land and be a part of the game forever?

Participate in the naming campaign and witness the birth of the new Continent!

All you need to know about Darwinia

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