Evolution Land will launch the world’s first NFT+Defi integrated application: the Furnace Gamefi!

Evolution Land, the first cross-chain game on Darwinia network, will soon launch its first NFT + Defi application: The Furnace!

Using the Furnace system, players can upgrade drills and enjoy new levels of high-efficiency mining. Not only can drills be used to mine on a player’s own land, but can also be placed on other player’s land!

the preview of Furnace

List of Drills

Automatic Diamond Drill

Level is an innate attribute of a drill, of which there are three categories: LV.1, LV.2 and LV.3 Low-level drills cannot be upgraded to high-level, but high-class drills can be synthesized through the furnace system to increase their power and efficiency.

Evolution Land also endows some external NFTs with new functions. For example, GEGO can be brought into the game to upgrade and mine in the same way as the original in-game drills.

How to obtain high-class Drills?

Place the required game props in the Furnace system according to the formula to perform synthesis operations and increase drill class. Increasing a drill’s class can significantly enhance the bonus effects of the props; and there will also be a double efficiency bonus and power bonus when mining certain resources.

Class.1 Drill + Resources = Class.2 Drill
Class.2 Drill + Resource LP = Class.3 Drill

How to use the Drill?

Add the drill in the new props column, choose to mine a specific resource, and the drill will work automatically. Unlike apostles, a drill can not obtain resources on its own; but relies on a working apostle on the land; and based on the income of that apostle’s resources, there will be bonus income. In addition, drills can also be placed on other player’s land.

This means a drill can not only be deployed to mine on a player’s own land, but can also be used to mine other people’s land. Therefore, players without land can now use drills to mine resources.

The Usage of Resources

The five primary resources are the fundamental elements for building complex substance in Evolution Land. Props will require resources or sometimes resource LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens to make or upgrade.
In the following Construct and Battle system, primary resources are the fundamental substance to build or forge.

In consider of primary resources-RING liquidity pools have been created, players could exchange them to RING to get profits.

The world’s first GameFi that introduces liquidity mining straight into the game! Experience the unique charm of DeFi while having fun and earning rewards!

Adopting a strategy that utilizes the Furnace can help players maximize their profits, and now it’s possible to mine other’s land, without having to pay the landlord!

And soon, we will introduce gameplay using resources! Watch as we create liquidity pools of various resources and contribute liquidity, and eventually players will be able to purchase those LP tokens for use in the game as we evolve and grow the Evolution Land ecosystem!

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