Evolution Land Metaverse Experience Officer Program

2 min readAug 31, 2021


Why do we need you?

Since the birth of Evolution Land, it has received unanimous praise from investors, practitioners and players. In order to better serve the users of Evolution Land and those who are interested in Web 3.0, we have decided to launch the “Evolution Land metaverse experience Officer Program” to jointly build and expand the community of Evolution Land.

What do the metaverse experience officers need to do?

1. Daily publicity

As an official volunteer, we support, participate in and spread the various community activities we organize, synchronize information with community members in time, answer new members’questions, help more friends understand the Evolution Land, and participate in our game.

2. Community extend

The Metaverse Experience Officer can promote Evolution Planet in other communities or social platforms. Anyone who is interested in Gamefi, Play 2 Earn, Metaverse, and NFT can be invited to the Evolution Land community. We can also try to establish local node communities, organize various online and offline activities, give full play to the initiative of the community, and expand the influence of Evolution Land.

3. Content creation

We need you to be intelligent and have your own unique insights on Evolution Land. We welcome you to explore the hot spots and advantages of Evolution Land with your own judgment, and organize them into excellent texts or videos to continuously output content to increase the public’s awareness of Evolution Land.

4. Gaming experience

Experience our products on a regular basis, participate in the testing of new features, give a data summary based on the feelings of participatio, output product experience , and provide constructive suggestions and improvement plans.

5. Give any other suggestions and proposals that you think will help build the community.

What can be gained from the metaverse experience officer program?

1. Enhancing brand influence: the strong Evolution Land community will bring the greatest degree of exposure to each Evolution Land metaverse experience officer;

2. Web3.0 cutting-edge technology guidance: receive continuous training and direct dialogue from Evolution Land technology team;

3. Networking: Get to know ambassadors from around the world and have more networking opportunities and multicultural experiences;

4. Major industry opportunities: Attend important industry meetings on behalf of the team;

5. Financial rewards: Get up to 2,000U equivalent RING reward every month, and from time to time there are other high-quality project parties’ candies to provide;

6. Evolution Land Peripheral gifts: T-shirts, stickers, certificates, NFT, MEDALS.

All users who like Evolution Land can participate. Fill in the form below to apply.

Application form:


Interested parties can add official TG account:@McflyMai




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