Evolution Land Metaverse

Evolution Land is devoted to building an open visual metaverse and is listed on the Tech-times top 5 projects aside from Axie.


Recently, 10+ star projects are settling into Evolution Land — Dawning Continent. We wish more and more star projects will build their own community on our stage to improve the communication between projects and projects, chain and chain. Now you could view the list on the map by clicking the ‘Enterprise’ button to read the introduction of these project, settlers, and their field.

If you are from these communities, it’s time to set your drills on these lands to mining your own abundant resources!

Guide for drills:Evolution Land will launch the world’s first NFT+Defi integrated application: the Furnace Gamefi!

These resources could be traded on MDex or staked in Farm to get profit after add liquidity.

Guide for farm:

The more players get into the game through the project invite link, the better rewards that community will receive and closer to the top on the list! The following list shows you the participate projects. No hesitation, let’s make enter the #Playtoearn Evolution Land!

MAO DAO: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=d527b199a8

LendHub: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=dbf49fd592

Crust_Network: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=baef9bf3f0

Graves :https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=db0ac50685

PhalaNetwork: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=3700ccb654

Metaverse探险队 :https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=1c4baa7c35

iNFT :https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=f9c992c751

Astar Network (Previously Plasm) :https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=0b1525f570

Yield Guild Games: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=2a442d4c5aAre

Top Dao: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=622777fd1b

darwinia: https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=1260e3fa43

Polygon :https://www.evolution.land/land/4/sign-in?invite=dbb3d35ce0