Evolution Land & LendHub AMA

Evolution Land Metaverse has reached in-depth cooperation with LendHub. The following are the main contents of this AMA.

Host:Please introduce Evolution Land and LendHub?

Bree:What is Evolution Land: Web3.0 Metaverse
Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent.

Defi+ NFT gameplay, how to play to earn?
Players own NFT land where they can put on NFT mining tools “Drills” and mining character Apostles to mine 5 resources and build architecture. In the future, more features like cross-continents trade, war and Apostles fighting are going to launch.

One Dapp One Community Metaverse
10+ projects have announced plans to build communities in Evolution Land to present project information and give back rewards to the community fans.

Multi-chain NFT Gateway
Multi-chain NFTs are supported to be integrated to Evolution land, including Crypto Kitties and PolkaPets. They can be adopted as pets of the mining character Apostles and upgrade their mining power. BSC’s best project Bunny Park will be integrated into the upcoming new BSC continent!

Miniature of Web3.0 Crypto World
Multi-chain assets will be supported, such as Polkadot, Ethereum and BSC assets in Evolution Land to afford users investment freedom.
At the dawning of the Web3.0 world, DOT holders are still not able to grasp the Polkadot Defi opportunities and BNB holders can’t pay BNB for Kusama NFTs.In Evolution Land, Leveraged by Darwinia cross-chain bridge, users are able to enjoy the fun of cross-continents trade, build and mining.

Host:Jason can you introduce Lendhub?

Jason:Hello, Evolution Land fans! I’m Jason, the core developer of LendHub.LendHub is the head lending project on Heco chain, AKA the safest decentralized lending platform on Heco chain. Since its launch, it has been safe and has zero accidents.It’s a great pleasure to talk to LendHub’s partner Evolution Land about the most popular track metaverse.Let me start by introducing the LendHub platform.LendHub is a decentralized lending platform based on Huobin ecological chain, which has supported lending and mining LHB in 24 Heco currencies.Users can obtain incentive token LHB reward by lending and borrowing on LendHub. LHB will serve as the hub of the LendHub platform, and realize the mutual accommodation and value transfer between Huobi ecological assets by supporting pledge lending for mutual accommodation of assets on the Huobi Ecological Chain.As of 15:00 on April 8th, the total amount of deposits and loans on LendHub platform exceeded 1.86 billion U.S. dollars, and the locked value (TVL) exceeded 1.128 billion U.S. dollars, both of which broke a record high.Over.

Host:How do users play to earn in the Evolution Land Metaverse?

Bree:Mined resources have gotten an economic loop.
1.Players can join the yield farming at the Defi “Farm”, early APR to 1000%+

2. NFT synthesis at the NFT “Furnace” to add power to the NFT mining drills with LP tokens

Yield mining “Farm” with early APR 1000% + and NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens. Normally, the mining reward for the first week is 100,000 RING tokens. Every month we will add 100,000 RINGs to the pool with the highest TVL.

Share exclusive referral community invite link for extra rewards ( invite more people, more rewards for the whole community)

Share exclusive referral community invite link for extra rewards ( invite more people, more rewards for the whole community)

Thanks over.

Host:That sound Amazing!!!Recently, 10+ star projects are joining the NFT land auction to build communities in the Evolution Land Metaverse,Why did LendHub decided to join in?

Bree:First of all, the founding team of LendHub has been very focused on the metaverse track.

Just yesterday, Facebook announced that it will transform its company into a “metaverse” company within 5 years, and Tencent is expanding its market share in gaming by setting up a metaverse. Although all metaverse projects are still in the development stage, metaverse, as the most out-of-the-loop and cross-border concept in the post-NFT era, is bound to occupy a place in games, virtual assets, sports and other fields by virtue of its unique inclusiveness, openness, continuity and compatibility, and may even become a track to reshape the market.

Secondly, Evolution Land has always had a professional and responsive team and we were willing to work with such a project. During the negotiation process, Evolution Land has been very responsive in dealing with all matters, which we believe is a necessary factor for an outstanding project.

LendHub and Evolution Land will work together to expand overseas markets. Both of us attach great importance to the expansion of the overseas market and have clear plans for it.Over.

Host:so much is happening, its so exciting!What profits can LendHub fans earn in Evolution Land?LendHub has successfully bid a piece of land for the community, what are some next moves of the community fans?

Jason:1.Mine resources (tradable assets on DEX) on community NFT land for free and you don’t need to buy the land by yourself.

2.Joint NFT mystery box gives way for fans to claim free NFT mining tools.( high drop rates of different levels of mining “Drills”) You can mine resources without buying NFT apostles.

3.Yield mining “Farm” with early APR 1000% + and NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens. Normally, the mining reward for the first week is 100,000 RING tokens. Every month we will add 100,000 RINGs to the pool with the highest TVL.

4.Share exclusive referral community invite link for extra rewards( invite more people, more rewards for the whole community)

5.Land audition credits for community fans to join the lottery.

6.Join the 7.20 Evolution Land Metaverse Carnival, 3 rounds of campaigns and generous rewards.

7.Upcoming architecture feature to build creative community landmark.Over

Host:What are the recent product innovations and developments of LendHub, and how can users participate?

Jason:LendHub will be cross-chain. The reason is that if the platform wants to become head lending, it will inevitably develop in multiple chains, so as to strive for prosperity on each public chain.LendHub has already established a foothold on HECO in terms of funding volume and user size, but we are aiming for more than that. We hope to catch up with the top lending platforms like Compound and AAVE in the near future and become one of the top lenders in terms of funding volume.Next, LendHub also focuses on expanding the overseas market, and enables more overseas users to actually participate in the ecological development of LendHub by means of joint promotion with top and high-quality overseas projects. In the near future, LendHub will announce its development roadmap for the next quarter.LendHub can make rational use of assets to obtain higher returns. Under the ecology of Huobi chain, there are many things that can be done with LendHub.Shorting by borrowing currency. At present, there is no financial derivatives trading platform in Huobi chain ecology, so when users want to short a certain currency, they can only recharge the currency into Huobi in general to short. However, if users make reasonable use of LendHub, when they predict that the price of a certain currency will fall, they can borrow the currency and sell it at a high price. When the currency falls, they can buy it at a low price and then return it to LendHub. In this way, they can short a certain currency.(2) Single mining by borrowing currency. At present, there are a lot of various DeFi projects in the Huobi ecological chain. Whenever a “new mine” is online, the income of the first mine will be very high in general, and the gap between the mining yield of different currencies will be very large. How do you ensure that you maximize your mining income at this time? Quite simply, comparing the mining yield of each asset, and then borrowing the currency with the highest mining efficiency through lending and borrowing at LendHub to participate in new mines, so that you can get the maximum yield.(3) Borrowing currency to participate in liquidity mining arbitrage, for example, user A only has USDT in hand, and the income saved will be very low. However, if part of USDT is used as collateral in LendHub and MDX is lent to participate in MDEX’s liquid mining, he can get 400% annualized return and LHB mining reward. Subtracting the fickle losses of liquid mining and the interest on borrowing money is the final real return.Cross-market future-spot hedging arbitrage, this is mainly through hedging with the contract market to arbitrage the funding rate. For example, when the contract funding rate of a certain currency is negative, and the funding rate can be obtained by ‘going long’, you can borrow the currency to go short through LendHub, open long perpetual contracts, carry out hedging arbitrage, and earn daily users Contract funding rate.The above is the most common way to maximize profits by using LendHub in the market. It is hoped that LendHub users can use the LendHub lending platform flexibly.Over.

Host:What kind of cooperations can we expect between LendHub and Evolution Land in the future?

Jason:LendHub is already in Evolution Land and is accessible through the platform.In the future, the two sides will conduct exploratory cooperation in community construction, resource sharing, overseas market promotion, education and popular science, and other aspects.At the very least, we provide an opportunity or a channel for users of the metaverse track and the borrowed two tracks to communicate and blend.In addition, we all hope to do our part in the education and popular science of new users, and make a contribution to the entire blockchain industry.Over.

Bree:Evolution Land would be a gateway for LendHub users to enter their applications via the link on their NFT land.

Host:I believe Evolution Land will be of great help to LendHub.

Bree:Two parties will jointly give away more benefits to the community

Host:I’m excited to state playing Evolution land and experiencing all these great opportunities..!!!

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