Evolution Land Content Contest

Hello to our Evolution Land content!

It’s been nearly three years since we started building Evolution Land, and it is still leading the way towards becoming the first cross-blockchain game in history. Since we began, we’ve created and developed the lands, resources, apostles, drills, DeFi furnace, and other gameplays, which have greatly increased its playability and appeal to players and builders of all kinds, and the ecosystem has become richer and more vibrant as players and contributors have come onboard.

Here are some topics which will qualify for the Content contest:

  1. What do you think of the Evolution Land gameplays?
  2. How do you feel about Evolution Land as a product, and the content?
  3. What is the economic model of Evolution Land, and how does the price of RING factor in?
  4. What is your overview of the game and how to play Evolution Land?
  5. How to P2E (Play to Earn) in Evolution Land?
  6. How do you feel about Evolution Land as a product, and the content?
  7. What have you learned and what is your personal experience with Evolution Land?

Time for submissions:

September 16th 2021 to September 26th 2021

Content contest requirements:

  1. Must be posted on your own Medium or Reddit account.
  2. The article must be your original thoughts in your own words, and material copied and pasted from other sources must be less than 25% of your overall submission.
  3. The article you submit must not have been submitted already to our bounty program.
  4. Must attach a link to this official contest at the end of the article. Participants are required to fill in the details.

Result release date:

The result will be released on 30th September in the Evolution land Official channel.


We will select 6 articles for awards according to the quality of the articles, likes, comments and interactions, and will carefully consider the sphere of influence and overall innovation. The specific scoring rules are as follows:


1st Prize: 1 winner 3,000 RING

2nd prize: 2 winners, each 2,000 RING

3th Prize: 3 winners, each 1,000 RING

How to submit:

Post on your own social accounts first (Reddit or Medium) then click the link down below to fill in the basic details.

Table elements:

Name in the game, gender, TW account, TG account, email address, Medium or Reddit account, links to submissions, how long have you been playing Evolution Land.

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