Evolution Land 11th, Jan Update|Equipment/Profession

2 min readJan 11, 2022



Apostle will have chance to choose it professions. The first two professions are the Swordsman and the Suard.

For Swordsman:

ATK +3%

Could equip Sword

For Suard:

DEF +3%

Could equip Shield

More professions like Blacksmith or Doctor will be released in the future version which will allow improving the success rate of forging or breeding.

The initial fee of promotion is 500 RING which could be changed by the Gov system. The fee is aimed to lead players to choose the most suitable profession for their apostles.


Equipment will improve the ability of apostles.

In the first version, there are two kinds of equipment launched — Sword for Swordsman and Shield for Suard.


The swords could enhance the ATK ability and resource level.


The shields could enhance the DEF ability and resource level.

More rare equipment will have a lower success rate to forge.

Equipment could be upgraded like drills. Every time you upgrade your equipment will bring one resource level enhancement.

It will burn half of the resource tokens once you dismantle your equipment. Take consideration carefully before upgrading.


We updated the furnace system to a brand new one, including Forge(Synthesize), Enhance(Upgrade), and Dismantle functions.

Success Rate: the rate of successfully getting the target equipment/tools. If fail, will not get the target one and lose some materials.

In the future, the professional blacksmith could improve the success rate in the furnace system.

Forge: Use basic NFT and FT assets to create a useable NFT.

Upgrade: Use FT or NFT to enhance the ability of NFT.

Dismantle: Downgrade the NFT and get some FT back.

What’s the next?

  1. Exciting PVP function. Players could battle with each other to get honor and…wealth. So no hesitation, enhance your apostle ability!
  2. More stages in PVE. Dangerous monsters are coming!!! Be careful!!!




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