Evolution Land 2nd, November Update|Apostle Cave Explore Start on the Dawning!

How to participate

Monster and Rewards

Element Counter

Special Mechanism

  • The HP will be recovered 100% after finishing the boss stage.
  • A critical hit will bring 200% ATK.
  • Damage is calculated by (My ATK/10 — opposite DEF/100)

What’s the next?

  • Rogue-Like Gameplay: After each stage, there will be an enhancement that the apostle team could select.
  • Career System: The diversity of apostles means different apostles could have different usages. Choose a career for your apostles to maximize their advantages.
  • Equipment System: Using materials and resources tokens to forge new weapons. It will make apostles have stronger abilities.
  • Hard Mode: In the hard mode, the difficulty of the adventure will increase sharply, of course, this also means better rewards.

Bidding Revenue Distribution Adjustment on Eden



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