Evolution Land 1st, Dec Update|Rogue-Like Gameplay

Isn’t the Feathermoon very horrible?

EVE will offer brave explorer the strong buff card to enhance the apostle team ability for these!

It will be the first blockchain game with rogue-like gameplay.

Opening Options

Once you start your gameplay, you could pick an opening option. These options will help you to choose your team type.


During the exploration process, you could also get buffs if you completed the stage.

The buffs are divided into 3 levels: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

For normal stage: 67% for a rare buff, 28% for an epic buff, 5% for a legendary buff.

For boss stage: 100% for legendary buff

The legendary buff will significantly enhance your apostle team ability and will affect the way to build your apostle team.

Now, even the poor team could have the chance to slay the dragon!

What’s the next?

  1. Equipment and Career system to enhance the apostle ability and also more stronger monsters.
  2. Exciting PVP gameplay!

Recent event

  1. Mytrade mining pool with RING-USDT: https://mytrade.org/mining/liquidity
  2. NFT mining with NFTrade: https://nftrade.com/farms/ring-polygon

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