Darwinia PolkaPets Airdrop Guide

First Wave

We have done the first wave of RING airdrop to Darwinia ecosystem PolkaPets NFT holders. In the First Wave, we have airdropped 200 RING to every account with Darwinia ecosystem PolkaPets, regardless of collections of PolkaPets (Darwinia PolkaPet, Evolution Land PolkaPet, or crab PolkaPet) or the number of copies.

Highlight Wave

Now the Darwinia Polkapets Candy Party is still on. Here comes the Highlight Wave! We will do a VIP Airdrop to our NFT holders with multiple copies of PolkaPets.

  • For Super Holders (with over 300 PolkaPets) , we will airdrop extra 5 Golden Treasure Boxes (each priced 10,000 RING) to them.
  • Snapshot was taken on 12th April.

Future PolkaPets Utilities Deliverable Roadmap

In addition to the RING token airdrop, Darwinia is going to deliver more NFT utilities to our PolkaPets holders.

General utilities for all three pets

1.Utility within Darwinia’s flagship cross-chain game, Evolution Land

  • Treated as a Warrior’s pet and boost fighting power in the coming war gameplay
  • Use PolkaPet as earliest use cases when bridge open NFT cross-chain transfer

Special utilities for Crab PolkaPet

1.Crab’s Kusama parachain auction PLO Rewards utility

More to know about Darwinia PolkaPets Utilities

Crab PolkaPet

All you need to know about Darwinia

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