Darwinia Native Token: RING

Native Tokens

The native token for the Darwinia Network is RING, RING can be used as gas for transactions. Gas include transaction fees, contract execution fees, network bandwidth charges, storage fees, and more.

Token Specification

  • Name: Darwinia Network Native Token
  • Symbol: RING
  • Total Supply: Initial circulation (2 Billion),hard cap (10 Billion) in around 40 years


  • Ethereum
    - Spec: ERC20
    - Precision: 18
    - Smart Contract Address(Ethereum): 0x9469d013805bffb7d3debe5e7839237e535ec483
  • Tron
    - Spec: TRC20
    - Precision: 18
    - Smart Contract Address(Tron): TL175uyihLqQD656aFx3uhHYe1tyGkmXaW
  • Darwinia Mainnet
    - Spec: Native
    - Precision: 9
    - Smart Contract Address: /

Token Allocation

  • Financing: 30%(first round 10%, evaluation $10 M, 20% remaining to be determined)
  • Foundation: 20%(2 years vesting period starts when mainnet launch)
  • Team: 15%(1 year vesting period starts after 1 year since mainnet lanuch)
  • Business Development and Marketing: 15%
  • Community: 20%(including airdrop)



By Network

Inflation Model

After the Darwinia Network mainnet goes live, the total cap of the block reward (MAX_BLOCK_REWARD_YEAR) is adjusted once a year. The block reward of year N is 1 - (99 /100)^sqrt(N) of total remaining issuable.

Total remaining issuable RING = HARD_CAP - CURRENT_SUPPLY
Supply in the next year = supply in the previous year + total actual reward in the year
Block Reward Limit for Each Block = Total Reward Limit for the Year × Block Interval Time /Total Number of Seconds per Year ( 365 * 24 * 3600)


Appendix 1: Algorithm of Bounding RING for KTON

Users can lock a certain amount of RING for a predefined period of time in exchange for KTON in return. Basically bound 10,000 RING for 12 months to get 1 KTON.

Appendix 2: Locked RING (ERC-20)

2021.2020.06.22–2021.05.22 Unlocking Plan(2020–05–22data)

Appendix 3: Locked RING (TRC-20)

2021.2020.06.22–2021.05.22 Unlocking Plan(2020–05–22data)

Appendix 4: WhitePaper

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