Darwinia Metaverse Meme Contest

To support Darwinia Crowdloan on Polkadot, we have decided to provide some extra rewards for everyone, and only need to complete 3 tasks.

Supporters can complete follow-up our Metaverse Meme Contest and join to get rich points rewards, and we will issue relevant rewards according to the points ranking.


  1. Create Meme content topic:Darwinia & Metaverse
    Post under the Meme contest twitter;
  2. Retweet and like the Meme contest twitter;
  3. Join the Telegram and Discord groups:

How the Winners are Selected

The winner will be selected based on the following conditions:

  • Topic sense(10 points)
  • Design(10 points)
  • Creativity(10 points)
  • meaningful and quality(10 points)


1st: 5,000 RING

2nd: 3,000 RING

3rd: 2,000 RING

4th: 1,000 RING

5th: 800 RING

6–30th: Darwinia Entity Rewards

We will also randomly draw 1 lucky prize from all participants and give out 1,500 RING.

Creative Resources:

Download More Darwinia logo and resources:


Other Resources (Meme editor):

You can use meme editor to upload your pitures,add text,post on Twitter:

Emoji Tool:

Edit pitures:

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