Darwinia Highlight September | Monthly Recap

Key Takeaways From Last Month

1. The wormhole optimized, Darwinia website upgrade!

2. Rebrand crab token name from CRING to CRAB.

3. Farm on Eden and PVE on Heco!

4. The first 50 lands’ final price is shown on the following graph.

5. The final price of #E1 Apostle ‘Lucifer’ on the Eden Continent was 178,712.64 RING.

Other details:

Darwinia Network

Development Updates:

  1. Deployed substrate to substrate bridge between Pangolin and Pangoro Testnet, and The first mapping token message has been successfully delivered through this bridge, more details: https://twitter.com/DarwiniaNetwork/status/1441282547107860481
  2. Darwinia new release version v0.11.4, substrate dependency upgrade and house keeping, prepare for the Darwinia to Crab Bridge;
  3. BSC Finality Light Client Solution and implementation is under review and requesting for comments, more details: https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia/discussions/745;
  4. Darwinia Relayer Fee Market protocol design finished, the implementation pallet is under review more details:

5. Comprehensive support for Darwinia smart contract builders: The faucet services for developer to get test token of Pangolin, and the full documents will be published soon on https://docs.crab.network/ ;

6. Bridger new release version v0.4.7, supporting new relayer tasks for Pangolin to Pangoro Bridge, can be easily adapted to other substrate to substrate bridges;

7. Applying Crab Network democracy proposal 11: Rebrand crab token name from CRING to CRAB;

8. Update Darwinia website interface, add document function entry and showcase the Darwinia application, more details: https://darwinia.network/

9. Update the FAQs document of Darwinia Network, add the description of Darwinia Network parameters and an introduction to substrate-to-substrate bridges, more details:

Wormhole Updates:

  1. Wormhole V2.0 released: New UX Design and extensible bridge apps support: https://wormhole.darwinia.network/
  2. Fix several UX and proof api issues after Wormhole V2.0 release.
  3. Finalize Wormhole mapping token metadata standards for ERC20 and ERC721, more details: https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia/discussions/751
  4. Wormhole backend important changes, will use blockchain indexers such as theGraph and Subquery to replace wormhole-backend services. This will make the backend services totally decentralized and open source, anyone with wormhole-ui and this indexer subgraph can deploy an interface to interact with Wormhole.

Evolution Land

Function Updates:

  1. A new landlord ranking function has been added to Evolution Land, showing the top ten players who own the most lands on each continent;

2. The Eden Continent Gold Rush was opened. A total of 100+ lands from Atlantis, Byzantium, and Dawning Continent participated in the Gold Rush, competing for 50 lands on the Eden Continent;

3. The governance system of the Eden Continent is open. At the same time, in order to compensate and encourage players who sacrificed KTON liquidity to participate in governance, certain staking benefits will be given;

4. Evolution Land Harvest system is online on Dawning and Eden Continent. It allows players to get the unclaimed resources in a very quick way;

5. The Eden Continent has launched Farm. The resource liquidity pool has been opened based on Quickswap. Players can trade resources according to their needs. Users who provide liquidity for Resource-RING can also get RING rewards in the farm;

6. The AFK battle function on the Dawning continent. Users can stake the apostles in the battle system to get tickets for subsequent battles — COO! The information display of the apostle has also been updated, and the numerical attributes of the apostle will be displayed more intuitively.

Community Updates:

The star communities and projects on Polygon entered the Eden continent of the Evolution Land Metaverse by bidding lands.


Dev Updates:

  1. Multi-network application of EVM module. Added support for Moonriver, Shibuya (Shiden testnet) EVM module. Users can view EVM block details, transaction details, contract token transfer and other data through the Subscan explorer. At present, we are doing more in-depth research and development for the EVM module;
  2. Darwinia Crab network Token rename, from CRING to CRAB;
  3. Support for Kusama Parachain: Kilt Spiritnet and Calamari;
  4. Extrinsic and Event list optimization:
  • Added filter conditions for blocks as the time dimension
  • Added filter conditions for Runtime version
  • Added filter conditions for transaction status (transaction success/failed/partial call failed)
  • Optimize page interaction and page turning

5. Optimize the interactive experience of parachain auctions and make historical auction records clearer;

6. In-depth support for Sudo and Proxy transactions, adding a status mark indicating that the transaction is successfully sent but the Call execution failed;

7. Support the governance-related functions for Bifrost network.

Cooperation Updates:

  1. Cooperation with Polymath and will provide explorer support in the future;
  2. Polkadot Treasury Proposal #68 has passed and is now executed.

As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork