Darwinia Highlight November | Monthly Recap

Darwinia Network

Development Updates:

  • Runtime upgrade for Darwinia and Crab, spec versions are 1150 and 1160. Release v0.11.6 is a mandatory upgrade for nodes; this release introduces a new host function. As such, node operators should upgrade before the next runtime upgrade on their chain in order to continue being able to sync the chain. For more information, go to https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia/releases/tag/v0.11.6 ;
  • Implementation of message protocol v2 for EVM chains;
  • Discover that substrate’s offchain-indexing is unreliable and replace bridge mmr proof rpc with Subquery mmr nodes service and javascript proof sdk;
  • Upstream upgrades and fix wasm execution issue, Staking pallet support Frame v2;
  • Optimization precompile contracts;
  • Bridger support of relayer fee market and substrate to substrate bridge, replace ethereum scan service with the Graph’s indexing solution, and some other optimizations and fixes;
  • Substrate To Substrate Bridge Security Audit Round 2;
  • Add transaction pause feature;

Application Update:

  • Adding substrate to substrate bridge between Darwinia and Crab in v0.11.6, wormhole will be upgraded to support this bridge in next runtime if bridgers join and relay messages smoothly.
  • Optimize the transfer records of the Substrate to Substrate bridge in Wormhole;
  • Subquery RPC replaced to fix the issue that the ETH gas fee is too high when claiming in Wormhole.
  • Released Wormhole version v2.1.5 to fix some known issues.
  • Launched the Darwinia PLO page, optimized the loading of contributions data and fixed some known issues.
  • Fixed the search function on the Darwinia website.

Launched Darwinia bridge series of documents, refer:

「Understanding Darwinia Bridge 1–1」Darwinia Relayer Incentive Scheme — Fee Market

「Understanding Darwinia Bridge 1–2」Mapping Token Factory

「Understanding Darwinia Bridge 1–3」The Token Bridge Solution

「Understanding Darwinia Bridge 1–4」The New Message Protocol for the Ethereum-Darwinia Bridge

Evolution Land

Function Updates:

  • Joint mining pool with MyTrade opened on the Eden Continent! Players could stake RING-USDT LP token in MyTrade to get eMYT rewards.MyTrade;
  • Evolution Land Dawning and Eden Continent is now tracked by DefiLlama;
  • Joint Mining with NFTrade was launched. Stake 1000 RING for 14 day will have a chance to get a chance to buy an apostle with 50% discount at 500 RING.NFTrade | Evolution Land;
  • xNFT supports the materials trade on Dawning(HECO) Continent; xNFT
  • Evolution Land collection is now on Dfox app;
  • Happy to announce that HyperPay and D’Cent have supported Evolution Land.

Community Updates:

  • Evolution Land had a joint live stream with ZGG and RDG. CryptoHustler101 walked through the cave explore. In the future, we will have a scholarship program with more communities.
  • Evolution Land has a community event with Acquisition Royale on Discord. 10 Lucky players will have opportunities to get Acquisition Royale rare NFT;
  • Evolution Land held a joint live stream with Pangbaijun. The video has been uploaded on youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_FTW2jznHg
  • Evolution Land had a joint live stream with ZGG and RDG. CryptoHustler101 walked through the cave explore. In the future, we will have a scholarship program with more communities.


  • Optimize the bidder’s fund chart, and support the filtering and comparison of bidder data;
  • Optimize the auction list and add the winner data;
  • Optimize the prompt of sudo/proxy/evm extrinsic execution failure, and users can view the error types more conveniently;
  • For some networks with EVM function, the ERC-20 transfer list has been supported.

Community Updates:

2. Darwinia and Mixin jointly conducted a live video event on YouTube on November 24, 2021, going into depth on Darwinia crowdloan and parachain auction;

3. Darwinia and BigONE conducted a joint AMA on November 25, 2021, during which, Darwinia CMO Bree stated that as a metaverse project, Darwinia would be committed to empowering metaverse in the future;

4. Darwinia and C.I.Community conducted a joint live video event on November 26, 2021. The discussion focused on the boom of Polkadot parachain auctions and Darwinia crowdloan. Meanwhile, Darwinia CMO Bree and community members conducted Q&A on the progress of Darwinia parachain auction in details.

5. Darwinia will cooperate with Bifrost in the near future;
6. Darwinia will cooperate with Gate in the near future.

Data progress:

2. Evolution Land users and new users both grow.

About Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network has gained high reputation and recognition along the way to build the decentralized cross-chain bridge protocol. In 2020, Darwinia was written in Polkadot light-paper as one of the friends of Polkadot and Substrate. And Darwinia was selected to join Substrate Builder Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp, and for the outstanding work in Substrate Builder Program, Darwinia Network was officially awarded the Level 2 badge by Parity. The products and tools developed by Darwinia have been rewarded three W3F Grants.

Darwinia has been contributing to the compatibility and interoperability of the Metaverse.

The application areas of Darwinia Network include DeFi, cross-chain NFT trading, games, etc. Darwinia also develops the Metaverse game Evolution Land.

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork