Darwinia Highlight December | Monthly Recap

Darwinia Network

Protocol Updates:

  • Released Darwinia/Crab version 0.11.7, 0.11.8. Important notice to validators: v0.11.8 is a mandatory upgrade so please upgrade your nodes to this version ASAP before next runtime upgrade, otherwise your nodes will stop syncing.
  • Launched the substrate to substrate bridge between Darwinia and Crab, bridge messages are being delivered between Darwinia and Crab, and the ecosystem application Wormhole has already adopted it. Over 36M xRING are mapped to CRAB Smart Module(DVM). For the user guide, please view: https://darwinianetwork.medium.com/using-darwinia-tools-3-3-smart-app-user-guide-c029db71102e
  • Bridger project released the latest version v0.4.12. Bridgers are joining the relayer fee market of Darwinia-Crab bridge, the relayer fee market are working smoothly but there will still be many areas that need to be optimized. To preview the bridger alpha version guide, please view: https://darwinianetwork.medium.com/using-darwinia-tools-3-2-wormhole-user-guide-ii-the-substrate-to-substrate-bridge-between-443f21753c3
  • Optimize the relayers fee market base fee reward strategy.
  • DVM tracing API development
  • Relayer Fee Market solidity implementation for EVM compatible source chains. And more feature/performance enhancement for the solidity message v2 protocol.
  • Draft implementation of BSC’s finality client(truth layer) for bridge between BSC and Darwinia.
  • Substrate and other upstream dependencies upgrade.

Ecological Application Updates:

  • Fixed Darwinia Apps types issues, and formulated the light Darwinia Apps strategy.
  • Added the crowdloan channels display and BTC distribute function on the Darwinia PLO page, and fixed some known issues.
  • Formulate Crab Kusama Slot Auction strategy, design and develop the Crab PLO Page.
  • Formulate the Crab Grant Online Hackathon strategy.
  • Formulate daily Crab Grants Program strategy, design and develop the Crab Grants Program Page.
  • Launched Darwinia Bridge series of documents, refer:
  • Launched Darwinia Builders series of documents, refer:
  • Launched Darwinia Tools series of documents, refer:


  • Released Wormhole version v2.1.6 to launch the Substrate to Substrate bridge between Darwinia Network to Crab Network in Wormhole.
  • Optimized the transfer records between Substrate to Substrate bridge and fixed some known issues.
  • Formulated DAO strategy for on-chain governance, add DAO module in Wormhole.

Evolution Land

  1. The equipment and Profession system has finished development and launched on the HECO testnet. Players can forge strong equipment in order to win against Feathermoon and other upcoming bosses, and use them in PVP gameplay.
  2. New UI framework has finished, and a new style of Evolution Land will be released in a few weeks to bring players a more fluent experience.

Community Updates:

Stream Events:

  1. PlayToEarnDaily


  1. Scholarship with Zambo Guild Games has started! https://twitter.com/ZamboGuildGames/status/1468791833702825985
  2. Evolution Land joined Torum SocialFi Community! Two airdrop events successfully ended!


  1. Against recent P2E blockchain game crash | How to build healthy Gamefi tokenomics? https://darwinianetwork.medium.com/against-recent-p2e-blockchain-game-crash-how-to-build-healthy-gamefi-tokenomics-6c8945748222


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