Darwinia Highlight 2021

Darwinia 2021 Stats Snapshot

Opening Quotes by Darwinia Co-founders

Darwinia, a Web3.0 Metaverse builder in 2021

Darwinia 2021 Milestones

Darwinia and Polkadot

Selected to join Polkadot Decoded 2021

Darwinia is running for the Polkadot and Kusama parachain auctions

Development of Momentum

  • Darwinia Mainnet has been live for a year
  • Solo chain and Polkadot/Kusama Parachains
  • Darwinia Substrate-to-Substrate bridge
  • The layered design of bridge network: truth layer, message layer, and application layer
  1. Grandpa finality pallet for substrate standalone chains, with two implementations:[Substrate_Pallet, EVM_Solidity]
  2. Legacy eth1 POW-optimize light client pallet(Used by Ethereum bridge v1)
  3. BSC finality pallet
  4. Parachain Grandpa finality pallet for parachain (via relay chain), with two implementations: [Substrate_Pallet, EVM_Solidity]. Working in progress, expected to complete in 2022 Q1
  5. Eth2 consensus finality for Eth2 execution layer(via Eth2 consensus layer) expected to complete in 2022 Q2
  • Bridge relayer economic system
  • Bridge relayer client: Bridger
  • Darwinia Virtual Machine
  • Security enhancements and principals

Growing and breaking new ground with our ecosystem partners

Cross-chain token application: Wormhole

  • Wormhole V2.0 released: New UX Design and extensible bridge apps support.
  • Finalize Wormhole mapping token metadata standards for ERC20 and ERC721.
  • Wormhole-backed important changes used blockchain indexers The Graph and Subquery to replace wormhole-backend services which make the backend services totally decentralized and open-source, anyone with wormhole UI and these indexers can deploy an interface to interact with Wormhole.
  • Added fee market to the Substrate-to-Substrate bridge.
  • Wormhole support cross transfer RING between Darwinia and Crab network.
  • Wormhole governance uses DAO to manage proposals.

Flagship Metaverse application: Evolution Land


Evolution Land 2021 Stats Snapshot

Top 5 NFT Games

6 new pillar features and gameplays

  • Two new continents Dawning and Eden launched on Heco and Polygon, BSC continent coming in 2022. 200+ NFT lands have been sold in the presale of the Eden continent for 330,000 USDC.
Evolution Land DeFi center: FARM
  • Evolution Land new GameFi — Furnace
Evolution Land GameFi center: Furnace
Evolution Land Apostle Adventure
Fastpass for the new continent
  • Evolution Land DAO
Fastpass for the new continent

Evolution Land Metaverse

Projects joined at the launch of the Dawning continent
Projects joined at the launch of the Eden continent

Evolution Land cooperations

Evolution Land community growth

Evolution Land Roadmap 2022

The global voice of Darwinia DAO community

DAO takes shape

Active social activity

275.4% Twitter followers growth
Darwinia was listed in TOP Polkadot Ecosystem Projects by Social Activity.

New Metaverse Experience Officer Program

Have got 80 new officers on-boarding

Featured events and campaigns

  • Evolution Land Metaverse new continent launch
Evolution Land Polygon continent release
  • How to build the Web3.0 Metaverse Event
Darwinia Metaverse topic panel event to support Darwinia Polkadot crowdloan
  • Darwinia community daily Q&A
  • Darwinia Metaverse Meme Contest
Featuring work created by the community

Looking forward 2022

A gathering moment with Dr.Gavin Wood at Polkadot Meetup hosted by Darwinia in 2019

About Darwinia Network



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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork