Darwinia & Evolution Land Announcement

Dear Darwinia Ambassadors,

With your help, our community has ushered in some explosive new growth. Thank you for your efforts in our community.

We are glad to announce that for the better development of the Darwinia ecosystem, the Evolution Land & Darwinia Ambassador programs have been integrated into one Metaverse Experience Program.

We welcome contributors of all talents and skill levels

Many new members have come to the Darwinia ecosystem because of Evolution Land, and if players of the game notice a program called Darwinia Ambassador program, they may feel excluded and not wish to contribute in the way we’d like them to.

At the same time, there would be quite a bit of overlapping work if we had two separate Darwinia and Evolution Land Ambassador programs, and Darwinia and Evolution Land are closely intertwined, so integrating both into one program will be a more efficient way to welcome contributors of all talents and skill levels.

The bond between Darwinia and Evolution Land

Before the interconnected Web3.0 future arrives and Polkadot enacts its multichain Web 3.0 vision, Darwinia would like to create it on a miniature scale within the Evolution Land Metaverse by building 26 continents; each on a separate blockchain and empowered by Darwinia network as the foundational layer of interoperability.

Evolution Land is our dapp and NFT playground, and designed to showcase the various applications of the Darwinia ecosystem.

Why is it called the Metaverse Experience Officer Program?

Evolution Land itself is a Web3.0 Metaverse Game.

The Metaverse as we know it still features the vast majority of projects isolated to their own ‘islands’ and there is a lack of interoperability between them. The cross-chain bridge technology that Darwinia is working on is critical to the Metaverse’s evolution and future success, and it will eventually stitch all of these heterogeneous Metaverse projects together into one seamless Web 3.0 fabric.

So, the Metaverse Experience Officer program is open to all contributors who are enthusiastic about Darwinia and Evolution Land. For more details, please refer to our medium announcement.

By upgrading credentials, Experience Officers will receive a stable basic income and opportunity for bonus. The bonus will be used to encourage those behaviors that have made outstanding contributions, which may be to answer questions for users in a long-term and timely manner, to create an article that has been widely disseminated, to bring a large number of users to the community, and so on.

Now we need you to participate in this plan to develop and expand our Experience Officer team. Please fill out the form below, and staff will communicate with you to discuss what you can do to provide value and the role you want to play in the Experience Officer Program. We will inform you of your basic job responsibilities and work contents, and determine your basic salary.

Our Dawinia ecosystem is constantly evolving. If you are willing to help us, please participate in this program!

I. Why do we need you?

Since the birth of Evolution Land, it has received unanimous praise from investors, practitioners and players. In order to better serve the users of Darwinia and Evolution Land and those who are interested in Web 3.0, we have decided to launch the “Metaverse Experience Officer Program” to jointly build and expand the community of Evolution Land and Darwinia.

II, What do the metaverse experience officers need to do?

① Daily Publicity

As an official volunteer, we support, participate in and spread the various community activities we organize, synchronize information with community members in time, answer new members’ questions, help more friends understand Darwinia and Evolution Land and engage in our environment.

② Community Expansion

The Metaverse Experience Officer can promote Darwinia Evolution Planet in other communities or social platforms. Anyone who is interested in Gamefi, Play 2 Earn, Metaverse, and NFT can be invited to the Darwinia and Evolution Land community. We can also try to establish local node communities, organize various online and offline activities, give full play to the initiative of the community, and expand the influence of Evolution Land.

③ Content creation

We need you to be intelligent and have your own unique insights on Darwinia and Evolution Land. We welcome you to explore the hot spots and advantages of Darwinia and Evolution Land with your own judgment, and organize them into high-quality articles or videos to continuously output content and increase the public’s awareness of Darwinia and Evolution Land.

④ Gaming experience

Experience our products on a regular basis, participate in the testing of new features, give a data summary based on your game experience, detail your overall product experience, or provide constructive suggestions and improvement plans.

⑤ Contribute suggestions and proposals that you think will help build the community.

III、What can be gained from the Metaverse Experience Officer program?

  1. Enhancing brand influence: a strong Darwinia and Evolution Land community will bring the greatest degree of exposure to each metaverse experience officer;
  2. Web 3.0 cutting-edge technology guidance: stay up to date and receive continuous training and direct dialogue from Darwinia and Evolution Land technology team;
  3. Networking: Get to know ambassadors from around the world and have more networking opportunities and multicultural experiences;
  4. Major industry opportunities: Attend important industry meetings on behalf of the team;
  5. Financial rewards: Get up to 2,000 USDT equivalent in RING every month, and from time to time there are other tips and goodies;
  6. Darwinia and Evolution Land Peripheral gifts: T-shirts, stickers, certificates, NFT, MEDALS.

All users who have an interest in Darwinia and Evolution Land can participate. Fill in the form below to apply.

Application form:


Jack and Megan are the administrators of the Experience Officer Program. If you have any questions feel free to contact them at any time.

Jack’s Telegram:@jackdaintosky

Megan’s Telegram:@meganskye

As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork