Congratulations! Darwinia won the Level 2 badge in the Substrate Builder Program.

2 min readJan 15, 2021


In recognition of Darwinia Network’s outstanding performance in the Substrate Builder Program, Parity officially awarded the Level 2 badge to Darwinia.

Parity splits the development into 4 Milestone stages for any particular project, each lasting for around three months, with each Milestone having at least 3 Deliverables. They also put together a set of badges to show the development of projects with the Milestone structure.

  • Project Accepted: Level 0
  • Project Achieved Milestone 1: Level 1
  • Project Achieved Milestone 2: Level 2 (Advanced)
  • Project Achieved Milestone 3: Build Complete

To achieve the third milestone in the next three months (Jan.2021-Mar.2021), Darwinia plans to fulfill these three deliverables below:

Deliverable 1: Darwinia to Ethereum Bridge

We have the Ethereum to Darwinia one-way bridge activated in Oct 2020; it’s been running smoothly since. We will launch the Darwinia to Ethereum backward bridge in this iteration to complete the first bi-directional bridge between Ethereum and Darwinia.

Deliverable 2: Darwinia Virtual Machine

DVM (Darwinia Virtual Machine) is a fork of the Frontier initiative. We have made some enhancements to improve the user experience with the Metamask compatibility, including:

  1. support transfer between Evm Address and Darwinia Address without precision loss.
  2. Easier to understand withdrawal design (from Evm address to Darwinia Address)
  3. A new address translation protocol with recognition features will be implemented.

This deliverable will include integrating DVM into Darwinia Crab Network and Darwinia Network and deploying a fairly large dApp on it. The plan is to deploy one new Crab continent of Evolution Land (a cross-chain game) on Darwinia Crab Network before applying to Darwinia Network. Players should be able to play the game with Metamask or wallet support under a proper endpoint setting.

Deliverable 3: Substrate to Substrate Bridge

This bridge connects substrate-based blockchains, such as Darwinia Network and Darwinia Crab Network, so that value and messages can move between them. To be precise, this bridge is between two blockchain networks that are under the GRANDPA consensus model.

This milestone is planned to be finished before the Kusama PLO. Our offering to supporters will include token reward and NFT Land in the actual playable game where users can mine and earn. Also, we believe we can bring tangible value to Kusama with working bridges.

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: