Bind dApp to divide 100,000 RING

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The Evolution Land application function has been launched, Land is now able to bind dApp, go to “My land” to upload a fun dApp!

Activity time:

2019.04.17 13:00–2019.04.24 13:00 (GMT +8)

Activity Award:

According to the number of valid dApps, to divide 100,000 RING

Event Description:

  1. All Lands in Evolution Land are involved in the activities;
  2. The dApp uploaded by the player needs to pass the official review before it is considered as a valid dApp;
  3. In order to ensure the diversity of dApp, the dApp uploaded by the same player needs to be different;
  4. The dApp uploaded by the player can be a dApp based on different public chains;
  5. After the event, the official will count the number of valid dApps and distribute the rewards;
  6. The reward will be issued within 7 working days;
  7. The final interpretation of the event is owned by Evolution Land.

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