Are you ready for “The Gold Rush”?

4 min readJun 23, 2021


Inhabitants of Evolution Land are eager explorers! Whenever a new continent is discovered, there are some who choose to abandon their comfortable lives and donate their lands back to EVE, in hopes of exchanging them for new and abundant lands on the new continent. EVE then selects the best candidates to become Explorers and Pioneers; who undertake the journey and settle on the new lands.

Based on the construction of the Heco chain, Dawning Continent has a series of advantages such as high TPS and low handling fees. In addition to these advantages, the Dawning Continent will be the first to launch the farm (add a liquidity pool to obtain RING rewards) function, so what are you waiting for!

Gold Rush Start:

The first Gold Rush event of Evolution Land will officially start on 28th, June, 2021. The registration time for the event will last for 7 days! Players who own lands on Atlantis(Ethereum) and Byzantine(Tron) can participate in this event!

We reserved 20 lands on the Dawning Continent for migration.


  1. Enter, click “GoldRush” at the top of the page.

2. Select the “original continent” to connect your wallet and the “target continent”.

3. Select a land you own on the original continent you would like to give back to EVE for recycling.

4. Fill in the number of RING as a reserve fund to participate in the lottery of the New World.

  • During the registration period, players need to bind the land from the Original Continent to any number of RINGs as a reserve fund to participate in the lottery of the New World.
  • The higher the reserve fund is, the higher the probability of being selected to earn the chance for exchanging lands. Besides, the land used for relocation and the number of RINGs can be adjusted before the registration period is over.

5. Fill in an address for receiving the land on the new continent, in 0x form.

  • After the lottery is over, players need to hand over the land on the original continent to EVE on the event page. After confirmation, players pick up the land in the target new continent.
  • Players who have not been drawn can claim back the reserve fund on the event page.

6. Wait for the results to be announced. If you successfully draw the new continent land, you need to submit your land on the result page in 7 days and we will send you in the brand new land; if the new continent land is not successfully drawn, you can claim the paid reserve on the result page.

Successful bidding

Fail bidding


  • Before handing over the land, please take out the apostles and items placed on the original land in time.
  • Increasing the reserve fund for land relocation will increase the probability of being selected. The higher the reserve fund is, the higher the probability of being selected to earn the chance for exchanging lands.
  • Once the drawing process is completed, players first need to send their land from the original continents on the event page. Then, system will send their new land in the game. If not drawn, players could claim their reserve fund on the event page.
  • Before the deadline for registration, you can add/delete land, adjust fees, and modify the address receiving the land on the new continent.
  • The lands on the New Continent will be sorted from high to low according to the total amount of resources, according to the value of (total resources of plots x 0.6 + investment RING x 0.4), and awarded in descending order.
  • Results will be announced when the lottery ends; and afterwards, players will be able to view the details on the event announcement page. Players will also be able to check the continent the event was held on to view the historical details.
  • Please kindly send your original lands in 7 days so we could send you new lands in time.

Lottery Rules could refer to Gold Rush — Evolution Land




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