APR 1000% + !10+ projects announce to join the NFT land auction in the Metaverse Evolution Land

Why to build communities in the Metaverse Evolution Land?

Community fans can enjoy:

1.Mine resources (tradable assets on DEX) on community NFT land for free(need to buy the land if play the game individually

2.Joint NFT mystery box gives way for fans to claim free NFT mining tools( high drop rates of different levels of mining “Drills”

3.Yield mining “Farm” with early APR 1000% + and NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens. Normally, the mining reward for the first week is 100,000 RING tokens. Every month we will add 100,000 RINGs to the pool with the highest TVL.

Defi+NFT Gamefi Mining

NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens

4.Share exclusive referral community invite link for extra rewards ( invite more people, more rewards for the whole community)


5.Land audition credits for community fans to join the lottery

6.Join the 7.20 Evolution Land Metaverse Carnival, 3 rounds of campaigns and generous rewards

7.Upcoming architecture feature to build creative community landmark

Projects Landscape:

What is Evolution Land: Web3.0 Metaverse

Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent.

Defi+ NFT gameplay, how to play to earn?

Players own NFT land where they can put on NFT mining tools “Drills” and mining character Apostles to mine 5 resources and build architecture. In the future, more features like cross-continents trade, war and Apostles fighting are going to launch.

Mined resources have gotten an economic loop.

1.Players can join the yield farming at the Defi “Farm”, early APR to 1000%+

2. NFT synthesis at the NFT “Furnace” to add power to the NFT mining drills with LP tokens

One Dapp One Community Metaverse

10+ projects have announced plans to build communities in Evolution Land to present project information and give back rewards to the community fans.

Multi-chain NFT Gateway

Multi-chain NFTs are supported to be integrated to Evolution land, including Crypto Kitties and PolkaPets. They can be adopted as pets of the mining character Apostles and upgrade their mining power. BSC’s best project Bunny Park will be integrated into the upcoming new BSC continent!

Miniature of Web3.0 Crypto World

Multi-chain assets will be supported, such as Polkadot, Ethereum and BSC assets in Evolution Land to afford users investment freedom.

At the dawning of the Web3.0 world, DOT holders are still not able to grasp the Polkadot Defi opportunities and BNB holders can’t pay BNB for Kusama NFTs.

In Evolution Land, Leveraged by Darwinia cross-chain bridge, users are able to enjoy the fun of cross-continents trade, build and mining.

DAO On-chain Governance

The future of The Evolution Land is decided by each player.

Gameplay guidelines

Detailed tutorials

Previous Auctions:

NFT Land:

The average price of lands: 35840.54 RING

The highest price of lands: 44760.73 RING

NFT Apostle:

#1 Apostle ‘Leona’: 162239.69 RING owns to ‘aldogbites’ after 23 bids.

The average price of normal apostles: 5824.33 RING

Now there are 10 generation apostles on Dawning!

7.20 Evolution Land Metaverse Carnival — — 3 Rounds of Campaigns and Rewards!

Guideline to PLAY:

Economic Loop:

1.Mine resource from the NFT Land

2.Trade resources on Mdex or the game Gringottes or yield farming (APR 1000%+)in the game Defi center [FARM]

3.Upgrading your Mining drills with recourses and add mining power

Zero cost to kick off strategy:

  1. Invite more people, get more mystery boxes to collect the higher levels of NFT mining drills
  2. Don’t want to buy a piece of land? Grabbing slots on other players’ land!

That’s why collecting higher level of drills! Plus, drills can also be upgraded!

Drill upgrading tutorial

New Feature Launch: Defi “FARM”

Warm-up Round: 7.20

Event 1: NFT Loot Boxes Give away

  1. Community fans who register the game through the exclusive community invite link will win NFT loot boxes “Chest”(Golden chest has higher drop rates of high-level drills)

2. Drop rates of different levels of mining NFT “Drills”

3. More people you invite, the more rewards for the whole community

(1)10–40 people invited, 1 golden chest/person人

(2)40–80 people invited,1 golden chest/person+2 silver chest/person

(3)More than 80 people invited, 2 golden chest/person+2 silver chest/person

4. More people are invited that will add the community rank when presented in Evolution Land

5.How to claim rewards:finish gleam tasks

NFT Land Auction Round 7.21 — — 8.15

Event 2 : Metaverse Land Auction

Communities will participate in the land auction but welcome our fans to challenge and win rewards

NFT Land:

10:00 AM UTC+8 and 21:00 PM UTC+8, two pieces of NFT land will be available for the auction at the initial price of 10,000 RING and end price of 5,000 RING, following the rules of Dutch Auction. 100 pieces of NFT land in total, released in 25 days.

NFT Apostles:

10:00 AM UTC+8 and 21:00 PM UTC+8, 1 NFT Apostle will be available for the auction at the initial price of 1,000 RING and end price of 500 RING, following the rules of Dutch Auction. 50 pieces of NFT land in total, released in 25 days.

Bid with a higher price than communities one time and keep the screenshot will win 1000 RING + 1 Golden Chest

Note: only claim the rewards once

Event 3: Drill Slot Grabbing

Slots on NFT land are limited, but high-level drills can replace low-level drills previously put on the land. So much fun to grab other’s slots with your high-level drill collected in the warm-up round event!

So if you haven’t got a piece of NFT land, you can still mine on other players’ land! Plus, no worries if you haven’t got a high level of drills, you can upgrade them!

Drills upgrading tutorial

1. We will announce the successful auction and you can start grabbing the slot on our community land

2. 2 days to grab,screen shot to confirm the winner by Evolution Land(etc: 7.23 10:00 AM UTC+8 won the slot, so this event will end at 7.25 10:AM UTC+8)

3. Conditions:

a. You successfully grabbed and defended it until the end of the event

b. You have completed the gleam task

5. Rewards:1,000 RING + 1个 Golden / slot

How to grab: Choose our community Land- click 【Grab】

Defi Yield Farming 7.21 — — 10.18

Event 4 :Yield Farming Booster

How to earn profits from resources mined from your NFT Land?Evolution Land Defi Farm has launched.

To encourage us to build the liquidity pool together, Evolution Land is offering extra RING rewards to the first-month miners! Early APR to 1000%+

Yield Farming Booster Event Rewards:

Farm tutorial:

Farm APR:

Evolution Land has interacted with other NFT worlds:

Users display their Apostle collections in cyptovoxels

Metaverse Adventure community led by NFT influencers found Apostle collections in crytovoxels

Guide For Evolution Land:

Guide for Heco Continent

Evolution Land Entrance

Test Net For Evolution Land




As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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