APR 1000% + !10+ projects announce to join the NFT land auction in the Metaverse Evolution Land

Why to build communities in the Metaverse Evolution Land?

Community fans can enjoy:

Projects Landscape:

What is Evolution Land: Web3.0 Metaverse

Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent.

Previous Auctions:

NFT Land:

The average price of lands: 35840.54 RING

NFT Apostle:

#1 Apostle ‘Leona’: 162239.69 RING owns to ‘aldogbites’ after 23 bids.

7.20 Evolution Land Metaverse Carnival — — 3 Rounds of Campaigns and Rewards!

Guideline to PLAY:

  1. Don’t want to buy a piece of land? Grabbing slots on other players’ land!

New Feature Launch: Defi “FARM”

Warm-up Round: 7.20

Event 1: NFT Loot Boxes Give away

  1. Community fans who register the game through the exclusive community invite link will win NFT loot boxes “Chest”(Golden chest has higher drop rates of high-level drills)

NFT Land Auction Round 7.21 — — 8.15

Event 2 : Metaverse Land Auction

Communities will participate in the land auction but welcome our fans to challenge and win rewards

Event 3: Drill Slot Grabbing

Slots on NFT land are limited, but high-level drills can replace low-level drills previously put on the land. So much fun to grab other’s slots with your high-level drill collected in the warm-up round event!

Defi Yield Farming 7.21 — — 10.18

Event 4 :Yield Farming Booster

How to earn profits from resources mined from your NFT Land?Evolution Land Defi Farm has launched.

Evolution Land has interacted with other NFT worlds:

Guide For Evolution Land:

Guide for Heco Continent

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