Announcing Darwinia’s PolkaPet Utility:More than Airdrop!

Last week, Darwinia announced its newest partnership with PolkaPets! Our newest featured NFT includes a powerful creature that we feel represents our company’s vision in a collectible creature form!

What is The World of PolkaPets?

The World of PolkaPets is an NFT Collectible Card Game Universe where each PolkaPet, embodied as an artistic creature, represents a specific project within the PolkaDot ecosystem. The abilities, behaviors, and strengths of each creature are connected to the specific vision of the Polkadot project that the creature represents.

Each PolkaPet will hold a unique utility that rewards community members for holding that specific PolkaPet NFT in their wallet. This could be a discount on fees, an airdrop of tokens to PolkaPet card holders, and much more.

Also, in the PolkaPets TCG, players will be able to pair their PolkaPets against each other in competitive gameplay. Players will earn rewards by winning tournaments, completing storyline tasks, and more.

Welcome to the World of PolkaPets!

The Top Banana: Darwinia

Darwinia loves running around and swinging across tree branches. It’s quite the prankster, and loves building things out of wood. Playful, chirpy, and extroverted, Darwinia loves to crack jokes. It enjoys being around other PolkaPets and people. With steel limbs, Darwinia is able to throw a powerful punch. They do not bode well in places with super natural energies.

We also believe in the value and fun the PolkaPets TCG has to offer beyond just collectibles, so each card will be playable within a broader game that will be announced in the future.

By holding Darwinia’s PolkaPet, you will receive many different unique benefits.

What Utility Does Darwinia’s PolkaPet Give You?

  • Airdrop of Darwinia Tokens: RING
  • As we all know, the cryptoverse moves incredibly quickly and is backed by huge demand. We understand not everyone will have the opportunity to whitelist or form part of our public sales prior to DEX listing.

We also believe in the value and fun the NFT space has to offer which is why utility does not just stop at token airdrops!

Darwinia NFTs secure you the following value and utility:

Utility within Bondly’s core product, BSwap

  • Reduced Fees

Bondly ecosystem utility

  • Access to VIP benefits and behind the scenes sneak peeks of upcoming milestones
  • Governance and Voting rights

Utility within Darwinia’s flagship cross-chain game, Evolution Land

  • Treated as an Apostle’s pet and boost mining productivity and efficiency
  • Treated as a Warrior’s pet and boost fighting power in the coming war gameplay

Darwinia ecosystem utility

  • Recognized as VIP user status
  • Enjoy benefits provided by ecosystem applications
  • Use PolkaPet as earliest use cases when bridge open NFT cross-chain transfer

Verifiably scarce and limited edition art!

  • Access to PolkaPets world, the world’s first blockchain-based, collectible monsters game!

Where Can You Buy the Darwinia PolkaPet?

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about the next sale of PolkaPets!

What is Darwinia?

Darwinia is a major infrastructure project in the Polkadot ecosystem. The Darwinia parachain will offer a smart contract execution environment as well as the first decentralized bridge solution between Polkadot parachains and traditional blockchains such as Ethereum.

We are very excited that we’ve hit our stage3 major milestone of launching the first bi-directional bridge between Ethereum and Darwinia. This is the start of more bridges in the pipeline and makes Darwinia Network a true chain of bridges to benefit each connected blockchains.

What does the Future of Darwinia’s PolkaPet look like?

We believe that as the PolkaPet ecosystem develops, Darwinia will make its way through the ranks of the card game and claim its throne of acting prankster of the PolkaPet world.

All you need to know about Darwinia

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