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Today we bring you some great news. Because of our partnership with Cere Network, we can proudly announce that community members of Darwinia will get 30 whitelist spots for the upcoming main sale of Cere Network on Republic!

What is Cere Network?

Cere Network is part of a consortium of projects such as Polkadot and Cosmos, united by the vision of cross-chain interoperability between blockchain networks, to achieve an inclusive, trustless, and infinitely scalable global decentralized ecosystem for enterprises.

Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud is a blockchain-based data warehouse solution that is optimized for capturing user/app interactions that are individually signed and encrypted…

Evolution Land, the first cross-chain game on Darwinia network, will soon launch its first NFT + Defi application: The Furnace!

Using the Furnace system, players can upgrade drills and enjoy new levels of high-efficiency mining. Not only can drills be used to mine on a player’s own land, but can also be placed on other player’s land!

With the continuous development of the blockchain ecology, interoperability between networks will obviously play a vital role in widespread adoption. This will be the only way to unlock the full value of blockchain technology. Alternative and complementary smart contract platforms, such as Polkadot, plan to provide solutions for this and expand the bridges between networks.

MAP Protocol and Darwinia are cooperating to work on the standardization of bridge chains and define standardization issues regarding state verification and transaction format when bridging with other chains, especially based on the substrate chain.

About MAP Protocol

MAP protocol is an open and fully decentralized chain-to-chain interoperability…

Date: 15/03/2021Time: 13:00 UTCVenue: Konomi Network Telegram: 
Konomi: @Yuqing (CMO of Konomi Network) — Irene
Darwinia: @Bree_Darwinia (CMO of Darwinia) -Bree

Section 1 (introduction)

Frances I CinchBlock: Welcome Irene, from Konomi Network and Bree, from Darwinia to this collaborative AMA hosted on the Konomi Network telegram channel. To kick off this AMA, can we please get a short self and project introduction from the both of you?

Bree Yin: This is Bree. And I graduated from New York University. Now I’m the CMO of Darwinia. Darwinia recently announced our partnership with Konomi. Konomi is a Polkadot ecosystem star project…

We are excited to announce that Darwinia will be partnering with the Oasis Protocol Foundation to bring their cross-chain bridge to the Oasis Network. Through this partnership we hope to facilitate the efficient multi-chain circulation of Oasis ecosystem assets.

Alongside the recent launch of the Oasis-Eth ParaTime on the Oasis Network, developers will be able to build Ethereum compatible DefI DApps on the Oasis Network that leverage Darwinia’s cross-chain bridge. Unlocking these capabilities for developers and enabling access to Darwinia’s cross-chain ecosystem of connected projects will take Oasis one step closer to realizing their vision for scalable, privacy-enabled DeFi.


We are proud to announce: Apron is now partnered with Darwinia and jointly strengthens the Polkadot ecosystem. Both two platforms have won W3F grants.

Darwinia is a decentralized heterogeneous cross-chain bridge protocol built on Substrate, focusing on decentralized cross-chain token swap, exchange and market. Apron is designed to be a decentralized infrastructure service platform, aims to provide middleware infrastructure service for multiple public chains such as Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, Helium and Heco, includes Layer 2. By joining forces, Apron Network will provide decentralized node service into Darwinia and improve more seamless asset transfer on heterogeneous cross-chain. continually bringing…

As the blockchain ecosystem continues to advance, it is evident that interoperability between networks will play a vital role in widespread adoption. This will be the only way to unlock the full value that blockchain technology enables. Currently, the majority of the DeFi ecosystem is built on top of Ethereum, the largest smart contract platform. However, a massive increase in transactions has taken a toll on the network’s ability to process everything in a cost-effective manner.

Alternative and complementary smart contract platforms like Polkadot plan to offer a solution to this, extending a bridge between networks that allows for synthetic…

We are pleased to announce that Crust Network and Darwinia Network will collaborate to further strengthen the Polkadot Ecosystem, with both platforms being fully compatible with Web3 standards.

Darwinia’s decentralized cross-chain bridge will facilitate the efficient multi-chain circulation of Crust ecosystem assets. This will also enable access of Crust’s data store storage and computing services to Ethereum, BSC, and other public chains.

By joining forces, Darwinia Network can reap the benefits of using Crusts’ turn-key, Web3 decentralized storage network. Additionally, Darwinia ecosystem cross-chain game Evolution Land will integrate Crust PolkaPet NFT to add Gamefi mining efficiency.

About Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network is an…

Columbus, the final name of Evolution Land new continent. Congratulations to @A金陵 who will have 888 RING and one golden chest as reward.

We will launch the new continent recently, please keep tuned!

All you need to know about Darwinia

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As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG:

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