Join our NFT party and win limited Evolution Land NFTs:

Why to build communities in the Metaverse Evolution Land?

Community fans can enjoy:

  1. Mine resources (tradable assets on DEX) on community NFT land for free(need to buy the land if play the game individually;
  2. Joint NFT mystery box gives way for fans to claim free NFT mining tools high drop rates of different levels of mining “Drills”; (priced 1,000 $RING — 10,000 $RING)
  3. Yield mining “Farm” with early APR 1,000% + and NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens. Normally, the mining reward for the first week is 100,000 RING tokens. Every month we will add 100,000 $RING to the pool with the highest TVL;

About the Lands on the Eden continent

Key Takeaways from last month

1. Darwinia Ecosystem UP ↑

Why do we need you?

What do the metaverse experience officers need to do?

1. Daily publicity

2. Community extend

List of Bounties:


  1. Do the bounty.
  2. Join the bounty hunter…




  1. ️At 10am UTC, admin will post a quiz question about Evolution Land / Darwinia or trending crypto topic in general.
  2. All correct answers in the next 15 minutes will get one point, the first correct answer gets two points.
  3. ️Points are counted every week, top 5 people with most points for the week will receive rewards!
  4. You can only participate in one venue, answer correctly on both telegram and discord doesn’t count as two points.
  5. If you copy pasted other answer, you won’t get points.



As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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