The Darwinia core team is committed to providing decentralized cross-chain interoperability solutions for heterogeneous networks. The current Substrate<>Ethereum and Substrate<>Substrate two-way cross-chain bridges have been running stably and have been adopted by multiple projects. Now, We have achieved another milestone, Crab Smart Chain!

Crab Smart Chain provides a development environment…


Evolution Land business development.


1. Responsible for the daily maintenance and management of overseas communities and improve players activities;
2. Deeply understand players public opinion and maintain word of mouth;
3. Regularly output players community related analysis reports, and conduct research on the community of competing products and popular products;
4. Community, guild…

Welcome to the Darwinia Retrospective! Thank you to all the developers, researchers, contributors, node operators, community members, and more who have helped sustain the growth of Darwinia Network in 2021.

Darwinia 2021 Stats Snapshot

Darwinia Network

Protocol Updates:

  • Released Darwinia/Crab version 0.11.7, 0.11.8. Important notice to validators: v0.11.8 is a mandatory upgrade so please upgrade your nodes to this version ASAP before next runtime upgrade, otherwise your nodes will stop syncing.
  • Launched the substrate to substrate bridge between Darwinia and Crab, bridge messages are being delivered between Darwinia…


As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG:

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