Evolution Land Metaverse has reached in-depth cooperation with LendHub. The following are the main contents of this AMA.

Host:Please introduce Evolution Land and LendHub?

Bree:What is Evolution Land: Web3.0 Metaverse
Evolution Land is the first Defi+NFT cross-chain game with each continent built on different blockchain networks, such as the first Atlantis continent.

Defi+ NFT gameplay, how to play to earn?
Players own NFT land where they can put on NFT mining tools “Drills” and mining character Apostles to mine 5 resources and build architecture. In the future, more features like cross-continents trade, war and Apostles fighting are going to launch.

Evolution Land is devoted to building an open visual metaverse and is listed on the Tech-times top 5 projects aside from Axie.


Recently, 10+ star projects are settling into Evolution Land — Dawning Continent. We wish more and more star projects will build their own community on our stage to improve the communication between projects and projects, chain and chain. Now you could view the list on the map by clicking the ‘Enterprise’ button to read the introduction of these project, settlers, and their field.

Why to build communities in the Metaverse Evolution Land?

Community fans can enjoy:

1.Mine resources (tradable assets on DEX) on community NFT land for free(need to buy the land if play the game individually

2.Joint NFT mystery box gives way for fans to claim free NFT mining tools( high drop rates of different levels of mining “Drills”

3.Yield mining “Farm” with early APR 1000% + and NFT Synthesis to add mining power with LP tokens. Normally, the mining reward for the first week is 100,000 RING tokens. Every month we will add 100,000 RINGs to the pool with the highest TVL.


We want to take this opportunity to thank our ambassadors for their termendous efforts and consistent contributions to Darwinia.network, evolution.land, and Subscan.io.

They mean much to our community, and we would like to acknowledge your contributions with some small gifts including RING and NFTs (Land/Chest/Apostle) for our distinguished ambassadors.

For more details about Darwinia Ambassador Program, please check out https://darwinia.network/ambassador or reach out to eve.liu@itering.com.

In the past several months, our ambassadors have been active on various platforms spreading our vision.

We would like to extend a huge “thank you” to our heroes who work towards building and educating…

This guide will walk you through play to earn on Continents Dawning

From your computer or Android/iOS device

Download Metamask for Google Chrome


If you have any issues you can ask the admins on the official Telegram channel and someone will be pleased to help!


Admins will never ask to send you a direct message first or ask you for your private key or to send them any funds. Never share your private key with anyone. Stay safe and avoid scams. Reach out to official admins for assistance. Never send any funds to anyone who purports to any…

As the entrance to a multi-chain Metaverse, Evolution Land has been accessed to ERC 721 assets such as CryptoKitties and GEGO, and can directly participate in the gameplay of Evolution Land.

The access of Polkapet is the first ERC 1155 asset introduced into Evolution Land. Three kinds of pets are currently connected to Evolution Land — Terra Turtle, Darwinia Network — Leaping Monkey, and Crab Network — Burst Crab.

The Pet will be bound with the Apostle physically and spiritually to enhance Apostle’s ability in various activities. Right now, the Apostle’s mining ability will be enhanced.

In future releases, Apostles’…

The first two rounds of the land auction on the Dawning Continent have been finished!

Don’t be worried if you are “Landless”! With the drill system, you could mine on others’ lands and boost your mining efficiency!

The first Gamefi gameplay is coming on the Dawning Continent now!

How do I use the Mining Drills?

A Drill can be set on the prop slot of a piece of land and used for mining a single resource. Unlike Apostles, Drills cannot obtain resources by themselves; they rely on Apostles who then obtain a bonus income. …

Key Takeaways from last month

  1. Darwinia Crab Crowdloan of Kusama Parachain Auction has opened, Darwinia Crab Crowdloan|Tutorials
  2. We launched the CMC airdrop event to share 7,200,000 CRING & 180,000 RING on Jun 30th
  3. Darwinia Crab Parachain Auction rewards: 240,000,000 $CRING and 6,000,000 $RING, NFT mining packages and lutte boxes with the super BTC prize embedded in the NFT land. read more

Darwinia and Glitch are excited to jointly announce that Glitch will be partnering with layer-0 metaprotocol Darwinia, a Parachain candidate for Polkadot and bridge for heterogeneous blockchain networks, to bring their interoperable cross-chain bridge technology to the GLITCH protocol.

Given the scope of what Glitch Finance hopes to achieve, one of their primary design goals is to ensure the Glitch ecosystem has maximum utility from the start, and Darwinia is a perfect match.

Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network built on Substrate that supports blockchain interoperability. We provide one of the most reliable general bridge solutions currently on…


As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG: http://t.me/DarwiniaNetwork

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