The wormhole has been updated to V2.1.0, which supports the cross-chain transfer and redemption of ORINGs (native tokens of Pangoro Network) between Pangoro and Pangolin Test Network. The mapped assets of the issuing chain are managed by EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), so the network selection option should be from Pangoro…

Key Takeaways From Last Month

1. The wormhole optimized, Darwinia website upgrade!

We’re excited to announce that CRING will now be known as CRAB, tabled by Democracy Proposal#11 and Democracy Proposal#13.

The CRAB ticker more easily identifies CRAB as the native token of Crab Network. Crab is the canary network of Darwinia. The positioning of Crab is similar to Polkadot’s Kusama Network…

LP Token

In general, users who contribute liquidity in DEX will receive LP Token as the certificate. LP Token could be used to take their tokens back in DEX(the amount will be affected by the current state of the liquidity pool).

Adventurer, if you want to provide liquidity in Evolution Land, you…

As our release of a Substrate-to-Substrate Bridge is around the corner, we are testing it intensively and comprehensively. This article is an introduction to the design and implementation of Substrate-to-Substrate bridges.

Before we dive into the discussion of Substrate-to-Substrate bridges, we need to define the scopes of Bridges and Substrate…

Hello to our Evolution Land content!

It’s been nearly three years since we started building Evolution Land, and it is still leading the way towards becoming the first cross-blockchain game in history. …

Brief Introduction

Evolution Land is designed and developed to be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) owned by the community. Dev team’s role is to kick off the project and establish the technical foundation so that other users (players, designers, developers, investors) can contribute and influence the game’s evolution path in their way.

Dear Darwinia Ambassadors,

With your help, our community has ushered in some explosive new growth. Thank you for your efforts in our community.

We are glad to announce that for the better development of the Darwinia ecosystem, the Evolution Land & Darwinia Ambassador programs have been integrated into one Metaverse…


The wormhole is an application developed by the Darwina team to realize the cross-chain transfer of assets between multiple networks. It currently supports two-way transfers between the Ethereum network and the Darwin network, and more cross-chain bridges are in development. Compared with the old version, in addition to the original…


As an open cross-chain bridge protocol based on Substrate, Darwinia focuses on the construction of future Internet of Tokens. TG:

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